Activating Student Support Services to Boost Enrollment

For Southwestern College


Growth is a term that is synonymous with forward.

However, a prospective student might look at attending a community college as a step backward, sideways, or a pause altogether from their original plan.

With enrollment decreasing nationwide, we needed to find a way to break through to prospective students.


Insight: students don’t believe community college can support their needs outside of the classroom.

By highlighting key support services offered by the college, we were able to reinsure prospective students that they would have the support needed to be successful and pursue their ‘what’s next.’ Southwestern affords any person the opportunity to grow in the direction of their future – whether that’s a lateral move, a forward step, or a pivot.



We reframed the idea of growth from being “forward” to being “movement.” This message was presented in a multilingual campaign across ConnectTV, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Univision ConnectedTV and Radio.

Our insight-driven efforts established Southwestern as the college that supports students in their side steps, pauses, and pivots, and propelled Southwestern to achieve the highest community college enrollment rate in the county.

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