Recruiting Patients Outside Onsite Service Areas for the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

Strength in Numbers


In Southeast Alaska, certain medical services are not available locally, which sometimes requires residents to travel to have access to the care they need. Knowing how vital these services can be, SEARHC wanted Southeast residents to know specialties such as Surgery, Orthopedics, OBGYN were available close to home. In a continued effort to provide optimal health outcomes in their community, SEARHC approached 3fold in to help boost service line awareness and increase patient acquisition.


The “Specialty Care is Here for You” campaign was an evolution of SEARHC’s tagline, “Healthy is Here,” and utilized both traditional and digital assets to let our audience know of the spectrum of specialty care services offered. By featuring SEARHC physicians from each specialty and using local residents and staff in the imagery, we were able to garner trust and create a sense of comfort and familiarity.

To compliment the specialty care campaign, we created a video spot, dubbed “Strong Alaskan,” that spoke to the resilient nature of Southeast Alaskans and honored the Consortium’s Native roots. There is a unique courage and self-sufficiency displayed in the people who live in the Southeast that was not only worth recognizing but celebrating as well.  The spot carried the specialty care message while emphasizing the strength that also comes from getting the care you need.


By understanding their service lines and the communities they served, we not only deepened our relationship, but also yielded incredible results. With the “Specialty Care is Here for You” campaign accompanied by the “Strong Alaskan” spot, SEARHC went from empty waiting rooms to filling their specialty care clinics and increased new patient visits by 157%.

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