Los Rios Community College District

An Authentic Strategy


Students were not flocking to Career Education (CE) programs in California. For some reason there had been a stigma around the fact that CE programs were not ideal, or the glamorous career option for students.

Enrollment was lacking, so 3fold stepped in to showcase the real business of CE programs. We developed a note-worthy campaign template as well as a library of photographs and funding for local community colleges and districts to spread the word on how beneficial the CE programs really are.


It’s all about authenticity. The Los Rios “Ready for More” campaign recruited real students to tell their story on how the Career Education (CE) program helped them. With photos and interviews from these students, we were able to target young adults who were interested in enhancing their skills or learning a new trade.

The trick of the trade was using a mix of traditional and digital media that highlighted why ‘more’ was actually better. This program gives students more job opportunities, more job security, and, overall, more that they can provide for themselves and their families.


Not only did the campaign net over 7 million unique impressions, with over 46,000 engagements with our digital ads, and over 10,000 clicks to the new landing page, but it accumulated a conversion rate of 23%, which is unheard of in the education space for such a multidimensional campaign.

To top it off, LRCCD had a 5% increase in student enrollment in the Career Education programs 3fold marketed for, received the 2020 California Community Colleges Public Relations Conference Award for video work, and received additional funding through 2020 for the Strong Workforce promotion.

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