Activating Strategic Storytelling to Combat Stigma Around Career Education

For the Los Rios Community College District


There has always been a stigma around Career Education (CE) programs in that it was not an ideal career or path for students to take. Therefore, in California, enrollment was lacking in the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD). Understanding the inaccuracy of this, 3fold stepped in to help increase enrollment by showcasing the possibilities students can have through CE programs at all Los Rios Colleges.


It’s all about authenticity. The LRCCD “Ready for More” campaign recruited real students to tell their stories on how the CE program helped them. With photos and interviews, we were able to target young adults who were interested in enhancing their skills or learning a new trade. 

We developed a note-worthy campaign template along with a library of photographs and funding for local community colleges and districts to spread the word on how beneficial the CE programs really are. By using a mix of traditional and digital media that highlighted why ‘more’ was actually better, we were able to share how this program can give students more job opportunities, more job security, and, overall, more in what they can provide for themselves and their families. 


The most important metric in higher education is enrollment. In the case of this campaign, we were able to increase the District’s overall enrollment by 5% – a metric we’re incredible proud of. While the rest of the state’s colleges saw dwindling enrollment and student engagement, we got people back in classes through a multidimensional campaign focused on making Los Rios students “ready for more.”

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