Activating Essential Services for Students During a Global Health Crisis

For Southwestern Community College District


Southwestern Community College District (SWCCD) needed to build awareness among prospective and enrolled students by promoting in-demand Career Education (CE) programs during a global crisis. SWCCD offered support and resources during an unprecedented time and wanted students to know they were with students at every step of their academic journey. We needed to call out all of the opportunities SWCCD offered and how online courses were an appropriate path for students to continue or begin their journey.


We created a campaign that focused on those who were thinking of going to school or finish where they had left off. Through broadcast TV sponsorship, social, display, and multiple audio platforms, we reached students and built awareness for class registration and student services with everyday campus-life imagery. To round out the campaign, we created strong calls to action that leveraged why students should go to SWCCD.

Our main goal was to position SWCCD as the top regional choice for prospective students which ultimately led to not only increased enrollment, but a rise in retention and graduation numbers.


By garnering a district-wide alignment between all colleges, we were able to run multiple campaigns for SWCCD to boost reach and frequency. In doing this, we drove students to apply to the CE programs and escalated enrollment in both traditional associate degree courses and pathway programs.

We boosted campaign reach and frequency through district-wide alignment and by leveraging multiple active campaigns. Not only did our general awareness campaign drive students to apply for CE programs, but it also escalated enrollment in the traditional associate degree courses and pathways.

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