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We are a marketing and advertising agency that believes the relationships and connections we create achieve our clients’ goals and help support the communities they reach.


Our purpose

We are a team of award-winning marketers, advertisers, and creatives who choose to use their collective combination of empathy, industry expertise, and desire to challenge mediocrity to create unignorable creative solutions for the companies who meet us at our mission.

Our purpose is to create relationships and connections that effect real change.


We + You

We’re really all about you. Your goals, your audience, your success. We want to form a partnership and a relationship with you, beyond executing a contract and a scope of work. Our success comes from building a foundation of trust, open communication, and mutual respect for what we can accomplish when we work as a team.

A Commitment and Promise

Lasting change starts with a plan

We are a small company committed to doing everything we can to ensure equal representation across all facets of 3fold and to become a culturally responsive company. Our mission is to effect real change. At every level of our company, we can, and are, committed to doing better to uphold humanity. We acknowledge this work is going to be hard and uncomfortable, but every worthwhile pursuit is.

Diversity Action Plan

Our Diversity Action Plan has been created not as a response, but as a legacy to the responsibility we have to our company, clients, community, and our industry to do better.

Voices at the Table

As the name suggests, Voices at the Table was created to advocate for those who are underrepresented in the advertising, marketing, and public relations industries. Representation matters, and it’s our aim to amplify those voices.

Refining Recruitment

We’re focused on improving our hiring strategy to find the right candidates by understanding the need for more diverse representation for our company, our clients, and our team.

awards & certifications

Taking pride in what we do

We have a continuous thirst for knowledge that leads to the humbling work we’re honored to be recognized for.

American Advertising Federation Awards (ADDY)
Sacramento Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO (2021)
City of Sacramento Economic Gardening 2.0 Grant Recipient (2021)
ADA Compliant Ready
Mirren Account Leadership Effectiveness Certified

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