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3fold is a creative marketing agency that attracts bold clients. Businesses who want to grow, get noticed, and make an impact, trust 3fold.

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Call it experience, call it reputation, call it connections –  call it all of the above. Our clients know we have what it takes to make them successful.

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For more than 15 years, 3fold has been helping business leaders, boards, stakeholders and brand managers identify and communicate their organizations’ purposes, positions and propositions. We create powerful strategy and identity design dedicated to telling engaging and persuasive stories about your brand.

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How your customers interact with you matters. This is why we help our clients create powerful brand engagement experiences for both internal and external audiences. We measure your current capabilities, stakeholder sentiment, and market position, and create programs, events, and activations that deliver top-notch differentiation, value and reputation for your business.


Reaching your customers is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to saturated media and changing consumer habits. That’s how we can help: 3fold’s integrated approach to branding, outreach, partnership and event strategy combines data, marketing intelligence and creativity to get you noticed in new ways.


From website design and development, social media platform and community management, and digital advertising, to developing comprehensive digital media strategies that create exponential impact and drive SEO goals. We ensure your digital first impressions create smooth interactions, engagement, and satisfying experiences.

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Effective marketing strategies need smart creative. Our award-winning design is reflects the latest trends and design innovations, and is based in our comprehensive research and targeted strategies specific to your brand. You get custom solutions that keep ahead of the curve, with breathtaking execution that works for meeting your campaign goals.

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We do whatever it takes to help our clients meet their goals. Sometimes that means sharing our knowledge. We believe in empowering our clients with the skills and expertise to take their businesses to the next level. 3fold provides essential trend, marketing, social media, capacity building, board and team development, and personal branding training so your team, leadership, board, or customers are active in reaching your goals.

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Creating new strategies for school recruitment


Creating a Recruitment Surge for Alaskan Nursing

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How a healthcare system impacts the community

What our clients say:

The team provides a perfect blend of research and strategy. And they knock it out of the park creatively! They quickly understood our needs and provided their marketing expertise to create campaigns and creative options that are exciting, cost effective and have maximum impact.

Maurice Chaney, Public Information Officer, Environmental Utilities, City of Roseville

Engagement with 3fold came at a critical time. Together, we were able to pivot, stabilize and move in the direction we wanted to go. 3fold made the pivot possible." - Marcella Cooper COO

Marcella Cooper, COO, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California

3Fold took the time to understand our business and our organization before developing strategy. They have been a great partner in our campaign development and execution and an important extension of our staff resources. From brainstorming to executive-level presentations to grassroots outreach, 3Fold can do it all well. They have helped expand our capabilities and infuse our long-term programs with renewed excitement.

Erica L. Manuel, Manager: Community, Economic Development & Education, SMUD

3fold guided the Power Inn Alliance throughout our “Art of the Dumpster” installation with great aplomb. From directing various types of media to our site, to mentoring our staff on how to respond to media questions and provide a concise interview to tying all the loose ends together, 3fold helped make our project a huge success. We even received national attention! We were so pleased with 3fold’s results that we hired them again to help rebrand our organization.

Sally Freedlander, Past Chair, Power Inn Alliance

3fold has done a great job over the years, taking us from a local roundabout company to the “thought leader” we identified as our goal.

Ross Ainsworth, Chairman of the Board, Omni-Means, LTD.

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