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Los Rios Community College District

Students were not flocking to Career Education (CE) programs in California. For some reason there had been a stigma around the fact that CE programs were not ideal, or the glamorous career option for students. Enrollment was lacking, so 3fold stepped in to showcase the real business of CE programs…

Associated General Contractors of California

Associated General Contractors (AGC) is the force behind California’s construction industry. Their focus and efforts are to ensure the needs are met of the industry, and its workers, so California can continue to grow and develop. The “Build California” initiative was designed to attract future generations of…
Two college students wear lab coats and handle lab equipment

Southwestern Community College District

Southwestern Community College District (SWCCD) needed to build awareness among prospective and enrolled students by promoting in-demand Career Education (CE) programs during a global crisis. SWCCD offered support and resources during an unprecedented time and wanted students to know…
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SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

In Southeast Alaska, certain medical services are not available locally, which sometimes requires residents to travel to have access to the care they need. Knowing how vital these services can be, SEARHC wanted Southeast residents to know specialties such as Surgery, Orthopedics, OBGYN were available…