Recruiting a New Generation of Construction Workers for the Associated General Contractors of California

Building Up California


Associated General Contractors (AGC) is the force behind California’s construction industry. Their focus and efforts are to ensure the needs are met of the industry, and its workers, so California can continue to grow and develop. The “Build California” initiative was designed to attract future generations of construction workers by changing the narrative on what a career in construction can be with a bold initiative engineered to inspire, engage, and activate a new workforce for the future of California.


The idea was to challenge the narrative and stigmas of the construction industry. Through the use of dynamic on-the-job images and close-up photography, we highlighted real people so the audience could see themselves in the messaging and be able to imagine what their future could be.

Our digital-first approach was designed to amplify Build California’s virtual experiences and create robust social media activations that included Instagram takeovers, social media giveaways, as well as branded virtual classes and camps for their e-cademy. 


In working closely with the Build California team, we were able to attract Generation Z and younger audiences to the building trades by focusing on career outcomes, community contribution opportunities, and industry transparency. With this campaign, we reached a broader audience with results that skyrocketed and continues to improve since the launch date.

  • Since 2019 we saw a 40% increase in organic social media with an engagement rate that grew by 130% and continues to rise.
  • Organic Instagram engagement doubled since 2019 and continues to progress.
  • Over 7,300 new student engagements at events and webinars.
  • An increase in organic website traffic by 20% with 17% being new students.

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