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recruiting the residents, donors, and community partners you need and activating them to embrace your identified priorities and support your solutions.

We Understand your challenges

Public and community services, including local and regional government, nonprofits, public utilities, transportation organizations, and affordable housing support are tasked with improving resident lives and acting as essential safety nets in times of need. However, growing competition for funding and resources, qualified employees, and resident attention threatens the ability of local and regional government, nonprofits, public utilities, transportation organizations, and affordable housing providers to meet emerging public needs, adapt new technologies into services, and recruit and retain qualified representatives.


of Public Sector Agencies report that the population has grown in their jurisdiction in the last five years while staffing hasn’t. (Survey by OpenGov)

64 years

Average age of Donors in the United States, with 43% of all donations coming from the Baby Boomer Generation.


Of Utility Customers stated they wanted a choice in the way they interact with utilities through a variety of communication channels. (Oracle)

From connection to sustainability

For public-serving organizations, trust is everything. It is directly tied to the cohesion of your community and contributes to the quality of its service providers and supporters. Without constant, proactive positioning, public frustration, misinformation, and apathy are left to shape your reputation.

3fold ensures our clients are telling their best stories to build trust, combatting and overcoming public frustration, misinformation, and apathy in order to recruit new generations of public servants and connect with whole communities. This means we’re delivering culturally- and community-appropriate outreach that actively educates, engages, and inspires current and future workers, residents, volunteers, and stakeholders.

How we do it.

We Understand Public Service

We’ve partnered on projects and campaigns with clients including regional transportation departments and initiatives, electric and water utilities, waste management, nonprofits and associations, local and county government, and more.

We combine our industry-specific experience with the latest research so we always know what’s affecting our clients today and what opportunities exist to meet their goals.

No “Expected” Solutions

Your challenges are unique. We provide customized solutions to meet them. This includes everything from how we communicate with you, to how we deliver reporting so you shine with stakeholders, to how we develop your ‘big ideas’. Everything we do is about delivering exceptional experiences for you and your audiences.

Drone shows, Guinness World Records, MLB partnerships – there’s always room for a big idea to connect with the right audience.

Strategic storytelling That Inspires

The best stories are founded in strategic storylines and cultural relevance. People are nuanced. Stories must be crafted so they resonate with your audiences experiences and expectations. And, most importantly, stories must be designed to support outcomes and impact aligned to your specific goals.

From journey mapping, to focus groups and interviews, to audience takeovers, we know how to create engaging content that builds lasting relationships with each audience. Awareness, engagement, and action.

Results with Context

Our results are contextualized as your impact in the real world —residents served, families engaged, employees retained, and communities improved. We’ve also built an extensive understanding of the systems and expectations of organizations with multiple stakeholders.

This means, results get delivered not only contextually but also in alignment with stakeholder priorities and expectations.

Public and Community Service work

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The Recruitment + Activation Toolbox

Research + insights (student, family, Employee, and community)

Digital + Traditional Media and Public Relations (Paid, earned, owned, and shared)

Brand and Campaign Strategy (Positioning, Messaging, and Engagement)

Creative (Graphic design, Copy Writing, Website, and Production)

Stakeholder Alignment + Engagement (Facilitation, identification, and training)

Social Media (Planning, Content, Management, and Performance Analysis)

Internal Communications (Strategy, Content, and Crisis Planning)

Full-scale campaign Development and management (Planning, optimizing, And reporting)

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