Selling career education to new generations of students

Like many colleges across the nation right now, San Diego’s College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) wanted to attract a younger audience – people who were in high school or on the brink of graduation. 3fold worked with SDCCE to combat a misconception about its programs caused by historically targeting outreach to older students that prevented them from recruiting younger students.​

Making mental health education for kids more inclusive.

In 2023, the US Surgeon General declared the United States was experiencing an epidemic of loneliness. The Health Education Council (HEC) and partner, Sutter Health approached 3fold to create a tool that showcased the importance of their work around youth mental health in a new way. ​

A drone show. A crowd of families and students. A boost in enrollment.

Let’s Talk About Your Possibilities Overview Using a drone show to position LRCCD as the place for people looking for family-sustaining careers. How do you capture the attention of today’s students? With declining higher education enrollment nationwide and growing competition for those looking for career-building programs, the Los Rios Community College District needed a way […]

Recruiting a new generation to the skilled trades

The “Build California” initiative was designed to attract future generations of construction workers by changing the narrative on what a career in construction can be with a bold initiative engineered to inspire, engage, and activate a new workforce for the future of California.

Connecting free professional development tools with California State Library cardholders

Pacific Library Partnership Gas Station Ad Image

Let’s Talk About Your Possibilities Overview Connecting free professional development tools with California State Library cardholders The Pacific Library Partnership, with support from the California State Library, needed to increase awareness and use of CAreer Pathways, online professional development tools like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Skillshare, now free for Californians with their library card thanks […]

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