Creating a path to commercialization for California's automotive mobility start-ups.

The California Mobility Center (CMC)—a Sacramento-based, public-private business acceleration hub—came to 3fold in need of a brand identity to reflect the company’s mission and values, along with a compelling and effective messaging strategy.

As an organization that provides advanced automotive mobility start-ups with a path to commercializing their products, services and technologies, the CMC is a unique business with unique offerings for its clients and members. The need for clear and compelling branding and messaging was top-of-mind for both the CMC and 3fold


We uncovered key concepts to be implemented through the CMC’s brand package and messaging. These included the need for a promotion of the CMC’s ability to give its clients a faster path to global commercialization, California-centric identity, and the importance of the relationships and structured offerings among the CMC’s clients and members. We infused these concepts into the brand identity as well as the website and a strategic launch plan to set the CMC on a path to continuous growth.

In all, the newly launched branding, website, paid media, and organic social campaigns worked together to reach and attract the right mix of prospective clients and members.

The brand identity embodies the sense of the CMC’s role in building the next generations of transportation technology by effectively connecting the emotional connotations of California as the center of progress with the visual cue of future-forward mobility.

2.5 million



viable leads generated

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