Connecting exploited women with community-based peers using "safe place" activation.

The Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH), founded in 2008 by a dedicated group of community members, including Sacramento Police officers, women who had been in the sex trade, professors, Oak Park residents, and business district representatives, was created to combat the increase in prostitution activity and the ineffectiveness of arrests, recidivism, and imprisonment.

CASH’s Center for Women in Oak Park serves as a “safe and non-judgmental” space where women receive support, referrals, food, and access to primary care. The organization also provides information and education to the community about the serious causes and consequences of commercial sexual exploitation and peer-based mentoring and harm reduction services. In addition, CASH’s peer mentors also inspire hope by providing non-judgmental support to women through online and street-level outreach.

They came to 3fold with the challenge of creating an outreach campaign to inspire exploited women to take that next step and reach out for help.


3fold partnered with community experts to create a visually impactful campaign placed in high-target traffic areas, like restrooms and businesses. We needed to cut through the clutter of other advertisements found on liquor store windows, but also to be subtle in their visuals and messaging. Posters and strategic social media placements called to women in our target audience to reach out for non-judgmental support and assistance by talking to someone who understood their journey.

Our campaign was called “Within You” and spoke to how, along the way, women can lose themselves.

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