Creating an annual report that compels people to act.

An annual report that connects and engages could be one of the most powerful communication tools in your toolbox. One that supports your fundraising, marketing, and recruiting efforts. Strengthens your organization’s reputation and awareness with key audiences. And ensures stakeholders, partners, and community leaders understand your importance and their role in your sustainability.

Connecting with customers using a trashy love story.’

How do you take a topic many people want to think about and make it relevant to their lives? 3fold built a creative campaign for Western Placer Waste Management Authority focused on charming and entertaining those most likely to be responsible and care about waste.

Selling career education to new generations of students

Like many colleges across the nation right now, San Diego’s College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) wanted to attract a younger audience – people who were in high school or on the brink of graduation. 3fold worked with SDCCE to combat a misconception about its programs caused by historically targeting outreach to older students that prevented them from recruiting younger students.​

Connecting rural Alaskans to essential health services

The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) historically provided services to Alaska Native residents. Seeing a need, they decided to open care to all southeastern residents in Juneau. 3fold helped SEARHC reposition as the go-to healthcare provider for all residents in Southeast Alaska, including those in rural, hard to reach areas.

Work for 3fold

We’re never ones to shy from opportunity, especially for adding great team members. If you’re in the market and 3fold seems like a fit, please submit your resume. We’ll give you a call and set up an informational chat.

3fold Communications is a community connection marketing agency specializing in recruitment and activation of diverse customers, regions, and influencers.

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