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Unlocking the Storytelling Power of Interactive Annual Reports

You’re doing great things and making a big impact. How do you get anyone to notice?

Today, we’re all inundated with content—online and all around us, nothing but noise. When you’re competing against 30-second influencer videos promising big returns on small investments, how can you convince donors and stakeholders to not only notice you but engage and support your work?

The answer may surprise you: your annual report. The very thing you’re required to create every year has the potential to unlock new and innovative ways to share your impact, streamline your operations, and inspire people all year long.

We don’t mean the old-school annual reports, however. We’re talking about interactive digital reports. Imagine sharing your numbers and stories in ways that come to life—and can be adapted throughout the year to meet new opportunities and challenges.

Choosing an interactive annual report offers other benefits as well.

They’re engaging. Unlike static printed reports, interactive annual reports can incorporate elements such as videos, animations, infographics, and clickable links. These engaging features help tell your nonprofit’s story and show your impact more dynamically and compellingly, capturing the audience’s attention and fostering a deeper connection.

They’re updatable. Interactive annual reports can be updated in real time, allowing nonprofits to keep stakeholders informed about the latest developments, success stories, and financial updates. This feature ensures that your audience always has access to the most current information.

They’re cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Printing, designing, and distributing physical annual reports can be costly for nonprofits with limited resources. By going digital, organizations can save on printing and postage expenses, reduce paper waste, and lower your organization’s carbon footprint.

They boost accessibility and reach. Interactive annual reports are accessible to a larger audience, namely, with an internet connection. This expanded reach means nonprofits can easily share their achievements, goals, and impact with more people, including donors, volunteers, and potential supporters.

They’re trackable. Interactive annual reports can provide valuable insights into user engagement and behavior. Nonprofits can track which sections of the report are most viewed, the average time spent on the report, and more, helping you understand what resonates with your audience and how that can inform future strategies.

Embracing interactive annual reports can provide numerous advantages to nonprofits. If your nonprofit hasn’t already switched to interactive annual reports, it’s time to make the switch. With an experienced partner to help you craft your annual report and a strong strategic approach, you have the power to take your digital storytelling to a new level, furthering your mission in new and exciting ways.

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