Introducing 3fold’s Community Insights + Experiences (CIX) program

3fold is excited to offer the Community Insights + Experiences (CIX) program, acting as the bridge between communities and brands, fusing their expertise and lived experiences with 3fold’s research and conceptualization processes.

3fold’s CIX program is an innovative initiative poised to usher in a new era of audience-centric creativity and cultural fluency, propelling our clients to connect with their target markets in profound and authentic ways.

The CIX program, launched in 2022, was fueled by our agency’s desire to infuse education, workforce development, healthcare, and public agency advertising campaigns with the authentic voice of the consumer. CIX members join forces with 3fold’s award-winning Insights department to redefine the boundaries of what advertising can do, making culturally competent research and development, media planning, and creative concepting the center of successful marketing. 

At the forefront of the initiative, CIX members act as the bridge between communities and brands, fusing their expertise and lived experiences with 3fold’s research and conceptualization processes. With unparalleled fluency in the communities they serve and represent, these handpicked experts ensure campaigns are not only visually captivating but resonate with audiences at their core.

“The CIX unleashes the power of collective wisdom, where data insights meet authentic human experiences, “ says Jamie Von Sossan, 3fold’s President and CEO. 

3fold’s CIX embarks on an exciting journey with a collaboration alongside esteemed industry and community leaders. 

(L to R) Lilly Wyatt, Founder, Socios PR; Ryan Royster, Co-Founder &. CEO, Last Supper Society

We’ve partnered with notable figures such as Ryan Royster, a catalyst for creative cultural impact and innovation, and Lilly Wyatt, a transformer of cultural communications, as well as well-known and respected health and culture experts in organizations like the Health Education Council. Together, they form an inaugural cohort of influential voices driving change with 3fold’s longtime client partner, the Los Rios Colleges.

Experts like Royster and Wyatt embody a new breed of leadership – community professionals deeply entrenched in the cultural nuances of their target audiences. Selected through a rigorous evaluation process, their unique perspectives not only guarantee genuine representation but also enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.

“By aligning our clients with the realities of the people they’re trying to reach, we get the true pulse of the market, and that’s invaluable to the success of a marketing project,” says Sara Crackel, 3fold’s Planning Director and managing director of the CIX’s implementation. 

For more information about 3fold Communications and the Community Insights + Experiences Panel, please contact Sara Crackel, Planning Director, at or call 916/839-9371.

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