3fold talks to KCRA about how marketing messages are shifting during the outbreak

Businesses large and small are engaging with their customers and the community in new ways during the coronavirus outbreak. How they communicate now could make or break whether those customers remain loyal once the economy gets going again. 3fold talked to KCRA about how we’re adapting our clients marketing during the crisis.

Media and Production Trends for Social Distance Marketing

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Look, at least for now, everything has changed. This includes how audiences are engaging with media and marketing—and how organizations are creating new content for engaging them. Working on our own clients’ strategies, we’ve seen a number of opportunities for you to connect with audiences without breaking social distancing guidelines.

How We’re Helping Our Clients Tackle Shrinking Student Interest in College

As a communications agency with a team dedicated to partnering with colleges, universities, and education organizations, we understand the magnitude of the disruption brought on by COVID-19. What communications do you prioritize for your outreach teams so that students trust and become excited about your institution, amidst the day-to-day pandemic messaging?

Communicating effectively in times of uncertainty

Sometime, something happens that changes your business. Sometimes, the whole world changes. The best approach to ensuring your serving the needs of your customers, employees, and other key stakeholders is to create a tiered communications plan and set it in motion.

Part 4: Reconnecting with your audiences in a crisis

Social media’s best qualities are often the things many brands find most challenging. In times of crisis or business challenges, in particular, these challenges increase as your team may be scattered to remote workplaces or slammed with emergency responses, so you might not have the ability to create posts or responses together.

Part 3: Three types of websites that hurt your brand in a crisis

Your website is a powerful tool for communicating and connecting with audiences. Keeping it fresh and functioning allows you to position your brand in the world, share key messaging and information, and communicate your values. In times of crisis, it can also be a lifeline for your business, keeping you customers updated on the essential news and details they need to understand how you can help them, how you’re helping others, or even to keep working with you.

Part 2: Resetting your branding for uncertain times

With the world currently on a self-imposed slow down, there’s no better time to do some in-house brand cleanup. Ensure your branding can meet your needs in times of crisis and align with your business’ goals moving forward. This article provides a framework for approaching your brand reset—what to tackle and what to avoid in order to solidify your branding foundation now and for the future.

Part 1: Pivoting your business mid-crisis

In the best of times, it’s too easy to let your business’ strategic plans (collectively your brand positioning, marketing, and communications) get muddled and off-track. With constant and competing priorities demanding your attention from every angle, staying the course on implementing you plan (or even remembering you have one at all) is tough. Now more than ever, it should be clear how important an authentic and nimble strategic plan can be to not only keeping the doors open (figuratively speaking) but also for helping your business thrive.