Creating an annual report that compels people to act.

An annual report that connects and engages could be one of the most powerful communication tools in your toolbox. One that supports your fundraising, marketing, and recruiting efforts. Strengthens your organization’s reputation and awareness with key audiences. And ensures stakeholders, partners, and community leaders understand your importance and their role in your sustainability.

Seeing the people behind your student demographics

Identifying your students can be a lot of work, but it’s also a great exercise in understanding and refining your message. You may not know all of the answers, but by considering these questions—and perhaps others we didn’t cover—you will get closer to defining who your student is and how you can recruit them than ever before.

The audience your enrollment marketing is missing

Before you hit launch on your shiny new enrollment campaign, press pause. Is there someone you might be forgetting…? Perhaps an audience who holds the keys to the kingdom of introducing your prospective students to your community college? Someone who specializes in helping 15-18-year-olds determine the immediate next steps of their educational or career future?

Tackling the shrinking interest in college enrollment

A man with a backpack opens a door to leave a building

As a communications agency with a team dedicated to partnering with colleges, universities, and education organizations, we understand the magnitude of the growing questions about the value of a college education. What communications do you prioritize for your outreach teams so that students trust and become excited about your institution and the value of your programs?

3fold Communications is a community connection marketing agency specializing in recruitment and activation of diverse customers, regions, and influencers.

Let’s talk about your community and how we can help you reach it.

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