Creating an annual report that compels people to act.

An annual report that connects and engages could be one of the most powerful communication tools in your toolbox. One that supports your fundraising, marketing, and recruiting efforts. Strengthens your organization’s reputation and awareness with key audiences. And ensures stakeholders, partners, and community leaders understand your importance and their role in your sustainability.

Into the Fold: advice from a young professional

The transition from school to the workforce is something that can be a challenge and very intimidating. However, it is also a great opportunity to focus and craft your skills toward becoming a part of the next wave of young professionals.

3 competitions + 9 awards

3fold Head Quarters Photo

We are proud to announce 3fold’s impressive 9 awards across 3 prestigious creative competitions around the globe in just 30 days. These awards recognize the exceptional work of 3fold’s marketing campaigns, which aim to uplift communities while enhancing brands.

Engaging your audience with interactive annual reports

Interactive Annual Report Image

Today, we’re all inundated with content—online and all around us, nothing but noise. When you’re competing against 30-second influencer videos promising big returns on small investments, how can you convince donors and stakeholders to not only notice you but engage and support your work? The answer may surprise you: your annual report.

Pride is a Protest poster series

Each poster tackles a different issue: The complexities of rainbow capitalism and rainbow washing; the history of the Stonewall uprising of 1969; the devastation of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill passing in Florida in March; and more.

3fold Communications is a community connection marketing agency specializing in recruitment and activation of diverse customers, regions, and influencers.

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