Boosting electric vehicle usage in under-served communities.​

Electrify America (EA) aimed to drive electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Sacramento through its $44M investment, targeting general consumers and underserved communities. Even more challenging was introducing brand-new technology to most community members who needed more experience with EVs and often were reluctant to try electric transportation.


3fold played a crucial role in developing this EA’s campaign’s brand identity for launching in the Sacramento region. We knew residents had to see themselves in the branding for the campaign to succeed and feel like EV adoption was easy, affordable, and comparable to their current transportation options. 



3fold developed the Sac-to-Zero brand, along with a multi-faceted general awareness campaign consisting of digital and traditional paid media, a hyperlocal event strategy, collaboration with community organizers and sports teams, 1:1 outreach to business and neighborhood districts, and local and regional elected officials.



Paid media, events, and outreach strategies were deployed concurrently and worked together to provide the campaign with maximum exposure. Events were strategically staged at prominent venues like Sacramento Republic matches and Sacramento Kings games. Spikes in visits to Sac-to-Zero’s website and partner applications and websites occurred immediately following the events. 


Social media engagement increased by more than 4,000 percent throughout the campaign.

+ 250%

3fold exceeded Gig’s goal of 10,000 downloads. The final number of downloads was 25,000+, with significant increases in engagement and downloads directly after Sac-to-Zero sponsored events.

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