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3folders Give Thanks


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we asked 3folders to share what they are thankful for this year. And, just like every 3folder, every answer is genuine and even a few, just plain entertaining!

Check them out!


Photography: A Great Skill for Social Media Management


Although you certainly don’t need to be a photographer in order to manage social media (heck, just through a filter over it) the two do go hand in hand, and being a photographer will definitely save you time (and in some cases money) when trying to create content to post.


Quality Videos on a Budget


A few months back I had the pleasure of attending a PRSA California Capital Chapter Luncheon a and chapter board member, Patrick Storm gave a presentation on how to create quality videos with your smart phone.

This week I had the opportunity to present what I learned during Patrick’s presentation to my fellow 3fold’ers and by all accounts it was a hit! So paying it forward in this week’s edition of Intern Chronicles.

First and foremost: yes, it’s possible to create great videos on your smartphone!


Diaper Drive for Families in Need


The season of giving is upon us! As we make our lists for all that we are thankful, coordinate holiday celebrations and begin gearing up for Black Friday madness, we hope you’ll take a moment and join 3fold in putting a dent in Sacramento’s diaper deficit.

Between now and December 4, 3fold is transforming our office into a diaper donation destination. So pick up a few at the store, add some extras to your current shopping list, or bring in the leftovers from when your kid’s growth spurt outpaced your supply. Then drop your load at our office at 2031 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 during regular business hours. We’ll get them to River City Food Bank to distribute to all the families in need.


The Multi-Generational Workforce


Today’s workplaces and marketplaces are more multi-generational than ever. With five generations of differing characteristics, demands, values and preferences, there is more than an age-gap; there is communication-gap. Understanding each generation and tailoring your approach has the potential to exponentially grow your business. Our own Gordon Fowler took on this topic for Comstock’s Magazine in a series looking at each of today’s active generations. Check out the highlights…


Tinder’s Tender Subject


Until a few days ago I purposefully remained unfamiliar with Tinder, brushing it off as another pseudo-dating app. I’m not a fan of the “hot-or-not” theme and I find it a little rude and rather superficial.

‘Not hot, swipe left. You’re hot, swipe right. Let’s hook-up.’ No thanks.

Anyways, in case you missed it, Tinder’s been doing a bit of leftward swiping of their own.


Selling PR to My Family – Part One


As an aspiring PR professional, recent college grad and brand new industry employee, I have spent a great deal of time trying to explain public relations to my family. After my omissive explanation they are convinced they totally get it, proving their understanding by comparing PR to something that sometimes, almost correlates.


Thank you, Veterans


This last Tuesday was Veterans day. Like many other businesses around the country, we closed our offices in honor of the many men and women who have served our country so proudly. Additionally, we also wanted to take the time to honor and learn about some of the veterans connected to our own 3fold team.


It’s Election Day


It’s election day and today you have the opportunity to do one of the most important things you can do all year – vote!

But, you say you’re juggling a lot this year and just don’t have the time? Nonsense! At 3fold we have a 100 percent voting record of all eligible voters – we all take pride in actively fulfilling our civic duty.

Voting changes communities. The decisions made on Election Day will help to shape the future of our region – the very place we live, work and play.

But, you still say, “Turn out for what?” Political rhetoric can be intimidating but here’s a tip: it’s only that way when you let it be. What’s the best way to make sure candidates and campaigns start paying attention to you, what you want to know, and what matters to you? You got it. Vote!

I’ll be turning out to vote for the future of Sacramento. Why will you turn out to vote?

See you at the polls, rock the vote!

Need help fining your local polling place? Visit


Van Gogh Ain’t Got Nothing on Us


During my first week of interning at 3fold, I quickly discovered that this company is insanely fun and creative in numerous ways. …

After only a couple of days as the new social media intern, I was invited to participate in an office outing to the Painted Cork. I had never heard of this place before, and all I knew about it was that it involved painting, pizza, and a pretty good supply of liquid courage.

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