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Community Strong: 3fold and #CBBrightFuture


In case you’ve never met us (or read anything we’ve written, chatted with us on social media, attended one of our workshops, or talked to us at an event), you might not know how seriously we consider community when developing an overall marketing strategy. We take it very seriously. Like mashed-potatoes-at-Thanksgiving-dinner seriously.

“Essential” is pretty much how we’d sum it up.

Which is why we love seeing our clients spread their community-engagement wings and fly. And last week, several 3folders got to do just this by attending the Coldwell Banker Sales Rally for Agents. Featuring some of the Sacramento region’s biggest thinkers in community enhancement initiatives and trends, including Bill Mueller, CEO of Valley Vision; Ryan Sharp, Senior Vice President of Economic & Planning Systems; and Michael Ault, Executive Director of the Downtown Partnership, the rally was an engaging and enthusiastic event full of drum lines and flash mobs.

Our very own leader-in-chief, Gordon Fowler, kicked off the speaking portion of the event and shared his thoughts on community investment and the importance of hyper-local strategies for the real estate industry. In particular, he talked about how building a strategy as a “hometown hero” can be both a sound business plan and make a huge impact in communities throughout the region. In addition, he highlighted how working together as a coalition of “hometown heroes” focusing on a specific cause or organization not only creates more change overall, but also goes a long way in enhancing a brand’s reputation and recognition as a whole.

It was incredibly heartening to see this amazing company, and their dedicated groups of real estate agents, embrace the idea of becoming “hometown heroes.” We look forward to their exploration for new ideas to build on their existing–and extensive–community work to become leaders in creating the bigger and brighter future our region is building.


Is Nationwide’s Bummer of a Super Bowl Ad a Genius PSA?


This past Sunday, Nationwide took a risk with its Super Bowl ad—an unexpected child-safety shocker that had many football fans commenting on it being a big ol’ downer at best, and in bad taste at worst. We won’t be passing judgment on the execution, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we were interested in the fallout and whether it helped make the intended message of preventing avoidable household accidents more powerful. Did the hype help, or was the message lost entirely in the din of criticism on its execution?


3 ways to show your love for your community


As we celebrate what makes our hearts flutter, February is also a great time to consider what gives your business an extra pep in its step. If you guessed paying it forward, you got it!

Most small businesses understand that doing well entrepreneurially and doing good in the community are not mutually exclusive. Community investment benefits your brand and being socially responsible attracts and retains good employees.

But, all too often a common dilemma exists. How can your businesses give back without giving away the farm? The answer is simpler than you might think. Plan ahead! These three simple strategies will help you to get ahead as you kick off your own community investment campaign.


Working smarter, cleaner and kinder this year


As the red-and-pink-clad holiday aisles of every single grocery store will remind you, this month is all about love. For 3folders, we embrace this spirit as a reminder to keep the passion alive for all those New Year’s resolutions we just made (unless they involved taking up jogging—that we will probably just abandon).

One big goal we have this year—and hope you share it—is making sure we continuously work smarter, cleaner and kinder in the next 11 months, and beyond. Basically, this means focusing our professional (and maybe even personal) lives around upping our games in community investment, personal development and social organization arenas. Another thing we love, though, is brevity. So, if you’re looking to work on your own betterment plan, we’re keeping it simple with these three central areas to get you started…


3folder Wins ‘Volunteer of the Year’!


Did you know our very own senior public relations manager, Emilie Cameron, took home the “Volunteer of the Year” honors at this year’s Sacramento Metro Chamber 120th annual business awards dinner?

Well, it’s true, and we couldn’t be more proud.

With her tireless efforts working with Metro EDGE, SheShares, and numerous other community activities (not to mention all that she does for own clients every day!), she is a wonderful example of the kind of people we love having on the 3fold team.

Congratulations, Emilie!


3fold’s 2015 Predictions


As we hit the ground running in 2015 each 3fold’er paused for a second to reveal what they expect to see this coming year. We recommend you take notes.


Bridging Leadership for the Next Generation


Metro EDGE, the young professional program of the Metro Chamber, has a special spot in the heart of 3folders. More than five years ago, former 3folder Allison Yee-Garcia sat in some of the earliest meetings about how to form the program, our very own CEO served as the guiding light supporting, mentoring and advising the first five leadership councils, and I have lived and breathed all things EDGE this year as chair of the program. 3fold’s investment in building a program to cultivate future leaders, drive change in our community and quite frankly, make it a kick-ass place to live, work and play has been a game-changer.


3fold Drops a Load of 6,000 Diapers


As you probably know, from our quirky social media posts, emails and mildly profane (who us?) posters throughout Midtown, we just ended our ‘Sh!t Load of Diapers’ Drive. What you may not know is that, with your help, our drive collected nearly 6,000 diapers!


Diaper Drive is December 4!


The season of giving is upon us! Take a moment Thursday, December 4th to join 3fold in putting a dent in Sacramento’s diaper deficit.

We’ll get the diapers to River City Food Bank to distribute to all the families in need. Together we can show we all truly give a crap!


3folders Give Thanks


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we asked 3folders to share what they are thankful for this year. And, just like every 3folder, every answer is genuine and even a few, just plain entertaining!

Check them out!

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