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Civics are nine times wealthier than the rest of us, so how can you cash in?
(Originally published in Comstock’s Magazine – July 1, 2014)

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Civics are nine times wealthier than the rest of us, so how can you cash in?

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It’s an organization so large that it’s hard to even wrap one’s mind around its size and resources. Today however, at a workshop hosted by the Metro Chamber and Congresswoman Matsui, Facebook got small. Small business small. [...]

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As a personal fan of viral marketing campaigns, I’ve noticed that it’s the simple and mysterious things that tend to rouse the most curiosity. Cartoon Network’s recent set of billboard campaigns have certainly been a strong example of that, but what can they teach us about marketing in general? [...]

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I know what you’re thinking. Why should I spend time reading an article about the United Soccer Leagues’ (USL) and its new soccer club the Sacramento Republic FC? I mean, we are talking about a minor league soccer team, so who really cares right? Well, if you believe that (and that’s fine), you’d be missing out on an electrifying story of a soccer club that has caught the national attention of the soccer world, and more importantly, Major League Soccer (MLS) literally overnight. [...]

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Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter. Like really little. Think 2 ½ by 3 inches little. Yep, I’m talking about business cards. As an agency that specializes in “exchanging creative currency,” we know the importance of distinctive design, and feel that the business card is often an underutilized opportunity for creative branding. This month we’ve created an other incredible infographic for the June issue of Comstock’s Magazine where we’re giving you the do’s and don’ts for creating a killer business card. [...]

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At 3fold we pride ourselves on our modesty. Sure we’re an agency filled with brilliant, creative, hard working, dedicated, attractive individuals…. What was I saying again? Oh right modesty. While modesty is important, this month we’re proudly pounding our chest for the third installment of “Strategy of 3” in the May issue of Comstock’s Magazine. This month we explore the importance of distinctive design; using the story of renowned vineyard Orin Swift Cellars, we reveal a powerful three-pronged approach to branding. Enjoy! [...]

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3fold Communications is not a bike advocacy group, but rather a marketing agency that happens to care a great deal about the livability of the local community, which is why 3fold got involved with May is Bike Month. And not just in the traditional employer fashion of encouraging staff to bike to work (although they did that too), but in the innovative, creative, public relations way they know best. After Davis-local Emilie Cameron, joined the ranks of 3fold Communications and pushed on staff to participate in Bike Month, the creative team held a brainstorming session with Midtown Business Association to determine the best way to reach friends, neighbors and clients. [...]

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At 3fold we often tackle some of the most difficult objectives in marketing, but we’re 3fold so we welcome the challenge! In part two of our ongoing Comstock’s Magazine infographic series, we take a look at the thrill ride that is branding. Like a rollercoaster, the development of a successful brand can be both exciting and terrifying. But, fear not, 3fold is here to help take you from white-knuckled nausea to exalted triumph. Learn how your brand can be a “triple-threat.” Sit back, relax, and try to enjoy the ride. [...]

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Check out the final video in our 3-Second Bike Tips series, featuring our fearless leader Gordon Fowler, Elite Urban Cyclist. Happy Bike Month!

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While I didn’t know exactly what to expect on my first day working for 3fold, I felt I had a pretty good idea. After all, I’ve seen the first two seasons of Mad Men. I imagined walking into an imposing high-rise, filled with bustling worker bees. The big boys would have pointlessly large and secluded […]