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1,000 Childrens Books Needed for Booktober!


We’re all aware how much schools struggle to provide the essential resources they need to educate their students. So many needs, not enough money. Too often its books—whether in a library, on the bookshelves in classrooms, or just available to students to take home—that get sacrificed in order to meet other needs.

Because of this, 3fold is spending the month of October—which we’ve now dubbed Booktober around our office–collecting children’s books.


Give the Gift of Reading


This October, join 3fold in filling the bookshelves of the awesome kids at Oak Park’s Aspire Capitol Heights Academy. Donate one—or a pile—of new or gently used books (grades 1-8) to give the gift of book ownership to these up-and-coming bookworms. Get all the details here.


Eleven Years, Eleven Lessons


Eleven years ago today, 3fold opened its doors. Today, I want to celebrate making it to the big 1-1 by taking a little time to reflect back. In doing this, I’ve realized, as numerous as the lessons are year-by-year (or day-by-day), each year really comes down to one major lesson.


What BIG Day of Giving Means for Communities


On May 5th, 2015, our region rocked its collective heart and fueled 529 nonprofits with more than $5.6 million dollars in just 24 hours. Sacramento joined more than 100 communities across the country with the hope of reaching millions of donors and raising over $100M nationwide.


Awards, Awards, CAPPIES Awards


3fold always enjoys celebrating the best and brightest of Sacramento’s PR community (which we are proud to include ourselves a part of) and the 28th Annual CAPPIE Awards made it easy, recognizing the industries finest for their public relations work this past year. We had a pretty dang good year ourselves and the five CAPPIES we brought home are a testament to the drive and commitment of 3fold’s outstanding team–and our outstanding clients!


Can You Fast Pitch?


Telling a concise and compelling story is tough. This is especially true when you have three minutes, a timer in front of you, and $10,000 on the line. This was the scene at Social Venture Partners of Sacramento’s Fast Pitch event last Friday when 10 local nonprofits pitched their organization’s impact, innovation and dreams in hopes of winning a cash prize to augment or expand services.


ADDYs’ Judges Choose 3fold – 3 times!


Not always one to toot our own horn, we simply couldn’t resist sharing how proud we are of our award-winning work on “In Case of Need” for United Way California Capital Region. And, we didn’t just win one or two awards during the Sacramento Ad Club ADDY Awards, but three!


Community Strong: 3fold and #CBBrightFuture


In case you’ve never met us (or read anything we’ve written, chatted with us on social media, attended one of our workshops, or talked to us at an event), you might not know how seriously we consider community when developing an overall marketing strategy. We take it very seriously. Like mashed-potatoes-at-Thanksgiving-dinner seriously.

“Essential” is pretty much how we’d sum it up.

Which is why we love seeing our clients spread their community-engagement wings and fly. And last week, several 3folders got to do just this by attending the Coldwell Banker Sales Rally for Agents. Featuring some of the Sacramento region’s biggest thinkers in community enhancement initiatives and trends, including Bill Mueller, CEO of Valley Vision; Ryan Sharp, Senior Vice President of Economic & Planning Systems; and Michael Ault, Executive Director of the Downtown Partnership, the rally was an engaging and enthusiastic event full of drum lines and flash mobs.

Our very own leader-in-chief, Gordon Fowler, kicked off the speaking portion of the event and shared his thoughts on community investment and the importance of hyper-local strategies for the real estate industry. In particular, he talked about how building a strategy as a “hometown hero” can be both a sound business plan and make a huge impact in communities throughout the region. In addition, he highlighted how working together as a coalition of “hometown heroes” focusing on a specific cause or organization not only creates more change overall, but also goes a long way in enhancing a brand’s reputation and recognition as a whole.

It was incredibly heartening to see this amazing company, and their dedicated groups of real estate agents, embrace the idea of becoming “hometown heroes.” We look forward to their exploration for new ideas to build on their existing–and extensive–community work to become leaders in creating the bigger and brighter future our region is building.


Is Nationwide’s Bummer of a Super Bowl Ad a Genius PSA?


This past Sunday, Nationwide took a risk with its Super Bowl ad—an unexpected child-safety shocker that had many football fans commenting on it being a big ol’ downer at best, and in bad taste at worst. We won’t be passing judgment on the execution, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we were interested in the fallout and whether it helped make the intended message of preventing avoidable household accidents more powerful. Did the hype help, or was the message lost entirely in the din of criticism on its execution?


3 ways to show your love for your community


As we celebrate what makes our hearts flutter, February is also a great time to consider what gives your business an extra pep in its step. If you guessed paying it forward, you got it!

Most small businesses understand that doing well entrepreneurially and doing good in the community are not mutually exclusive. Community investment benefits your brand and being socially responsible attracts and retains good employees.

But, all too often a common dilemma exists. How can your businesses give back without giving away the farm? The answer is simpler than you might think. Plan ahead! These three simple strategies will help you to get ahead as you kick off your own community investment campaign.

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