Annual Report Viewbook:

Activating Information for Your Audiences


You need a dynamic and interesting way to communicate with your audience and engage them in the story.

With an online digital viewbook, you can easily turn complex data, instruction manuals, and annual reports into an interactive visual storybook filled with video, motion graphics, and live links that can be shared and engaged with through multiple channels.


With 3fold’s Digital Viewbook, You Can:


Stand out from
the noise.

Getting noticed means surprising your audience. Make a lasting impression with a visually appealing approach to sharing complex concepts that drive engagement and inspire action.


Create personalized experiences.

Address the unique needs and interests of each audience with content and graphics designed to speak directly to their specific expectations and needs.


Foster trust
and credibility.

Showcase your organization’s expertise, achievements, and success stories through compelling visuals and engaging content.


Convenient distribution.

Save the hassle and logistics of getting a printed report into the hands of your readers. Instead, simply send out a link for readers to access at their convenience.


Save money.

This digital-first, updatable experience immerses audiences in your content content without high printing and mailing costs.

Let’s Talk About Your Annual Report Viewbook

The Interactive Viewbook is a game-changer for engaging with your audience. Captivate, educate, and guide them through their decision-making journey while maintaining flexibility and adaptability with your content.

Pricing starting at $7,500

What’s included:

• Designed, interactive digital PDF – up to 12 pages
• General copy editing and data review
• Four stock images


• Digital synopsis, highlighting key points – up to four (4) pages
• Translation services – price based on number of words
• Copywriting for more compelling storytelling
• Consultation services – determine strategy, audience, and leveraging opportunities

Viewbook Examples

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