Changing the way people experience healthcare in Southeast Alaska.

SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)


3fold positioned SEARHC and its healthcare approach as an integrated asset of each community it serves, committed to its customers’ wellness as well as their health. The “Healthy is here.” campaign was designed to embrace and capture this philosophy through both design and messaging.
 “Healthy is here.” became more than a statement about SEARHC’s high-quality healthcare services, advanced technology, or physical locations throughout Southeast Alaska. It became a welcome message for the organization. It was strongly embraced by the company and region, leading to an update of the SEARHC brand itself – increasing the colors to include those found in nature around the region.

“From CEO through administration staff, 3fold is able to positively impact how we work as a team to meet the demands of our growing consortium. 3fold is attentive and responsive, and most importantly, they provide the research and reporting we need to make the next tough decision.”

–Leatha Merculieff (Aleut Community of St. Paul tribe)
VP, Community Health Services


Services provided:

Acting interim marketing department; brand development, positioning, and management; public health and general awareness campaign development, management and implementation; board communications and presentations; business and marketing consulting; programmatic graphic and digital design; content development; social media strategy, content, and design; advertising planning, placement, and tracking; general public and tribal community engagement strategy; business organizational consulting, analysis, and reporting.

“3fold’s extensive visual vocabulary and creative approach – incorporating a strong dose of Native art with pristine environmental beauty and the diverse profile of Southeast Alaskans — has invigorated our ongoing recruitment efforts and is persuasive in influencing public opinion.”

–Kimberley Strong (Chilkat Indian Village)
Board Chair, Board of Directors