Encouraging the community to pursure their educational dreams.

Los Rios Community College District


When it comes to direct-to-career pathways, few options today have as much impact as community college. Thanks to a variety of 2-year degree options, career technical training and certificates, and even affordable transfer opportunities into 4-year programs, community college offers numerous educational and affordability opportunities for students.

However, in a region bursting with higher education options, not to mention a long-standing perception of community college as a “fallback” option, Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) faced an awareness and student persistence challenge. 3fold and LRCCD launched the “Smart move” campaign in 2017 to tackle these challenges.

The Los Rios Community College District has worked with 3fold Communications to support a variety of marketing and communications efforts since December 2013…In a wide range of projects and endeavors, 3fold has consistently added value to our marketing and communications efforts and has become an integral partner for the Los Rios Community College District. Without reservation, I would recommend 3fold Communications for any organization.

–Gabe Ross, Associate Vice Chancellor, Communications & Media Relations
Los Rios Community College District

By working with the four colleges—American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, and Sacramento City College—within the District to identify and recruit students from each school’s specific programs, we were able to build a multimedia, multi-lingual story bank and marketing campaign that resonated with current and prospective students. By highlighting real stories from real students at real community colleges, we were able to help LRCCD claim a position as a community-focused, direct-to-career pathway for students in the region.

Authenticity was the key. Ensuring student stories showcased the relatable obstacles that many students face, how they were overcome, was key. Additionally, many of the stories naturally demonstrated the role LRCCD played in its students’ academic and life achievements and positioned LRCCD as a key element to these students’ subsequent future success.

By having “Smart move” show the learning experience through the lenses of its actual students, these messages were well received by and relatable to the audiences targeted. The 2017 campaign performed at high levels and led to more students sharing their stories, creating increasingly interesting content that continues to connect with audiences. The success of this campaign has also established a foundation for evolving the campaign for new audiences and additional goals, particularly for building awareness among prospective foundation funders and future employers of alumni.

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2014, we have also made incredible strides in building LRCCD’s brand position and status as a premier education option for area students.

While LRCCD’s initial goal was heavily focused on student enrollment or persistence, it has expanded over time to include supporting the entire student journey, as well as long-term awareness and brand building efforts that are critical to establishing a pipeline of prospective students for the future.

Another major success was increasing the district’s capacity to carry out full-scale, multimedia campaigns in a coordinated manner across its four college campuses and six satellite education centers. We consider this no small feat given the diversity of each campus’ student body, administration, faculty and staff, communications styles, and marketing needs.