Connecting healthcare providers with new careers in southeast Alaska

When a healthcare system expands their services to new patients and new communities, ensuring it has the best team in place to provide care is essential to its success. However, when recruiting new providers means convincing them to move to rural southeast Alaska, a traditional employee recruitment campaign just won’t work. 

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SEARHC Healthy is Here Ad Image
SEARHC Healthy is Here Ad Image
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The Challenge

With SouthEast Alaska Regional Healthcare Consortium (SEARHC) expanding services to serve new demographics throughout southeast Alaska, ensuring they had the best team in place was essential. 

However, with a limited local workforce to recruit from, SEARHC needed unique strategies for recruiting providers to fill their expanding locations. 

This meant reaching existing healthcare workers throughout Alaska to convince them of the unique opportunities available to them only at SEARHC. Additionally, it meant reaching providers in the lower 48 states who might be drawn to the close-knit communities, outdoor adventure, and small-town atmosphere of southeast Alaska.

Our approach


Aligning under the Brand umbrella.

The first step to creating a compelling recruitment campaign was aligning it under the bigger vision and identity of SEARHC as the leading healthcare provider in southeast Alaska.

This meant creating an internal communications narrative for “Healthy is here.” with existing staff. This allowed us to involve SEARHC employees in the efforts, getting them on board with the overall messaging for the organization, identifying key internal influencers to tell the story in a human way, and creating an authentic outreach campaign that resonated both in the state and with providers around the country.


Focusing on community.

After identifying priority positions throughout the SEARHC health system, the first step for boosting applications to them was reaching Alaska-based healthcare providers. We knew the best approach for this would be building on the hyper-local authenticity of the “Healthy is here.” campaign and incorporating employee benefits and impact into the messaging.

In-state, this was all about connecting SEARHC to its communities. How the organization gives back, how employees impact the lives of residents, and how SEARHC was boosting health outcomes.

To do this successfully, we recruited current employees, influential community leaders, and existing patients to tell the SEARHC story in their words. This led to an influx of interest by providers throughout the state.


Selling lifestyle.

For audiences outside Alaska, we created a "Healthy is here." lifestyle campaign targeted at providers who might be seeking new adventures, stronger community connections, and opportunities for family bonding in a unique environment.

We did this by scouting unique locations and local activities and producing custom photography and videography elements to complement all print and digital materials.
We also ensured all recruitment videos were produced to meet any potential viewer's needs, including creating :10-, :15- and :30-second clips for easy sharing via YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This campaign allowed us to highlight the benefits that life in Alaska could offer and demonstrate why SEARHC was the best employer for providers' career goals. Applications were received from providers throughout the U.S. ready to start a new healthcare adventure.


SEARHC is a non-profit health consortium focused on bringing high-quality healthcare services to Southeast Alaska. Formed by Alaska Native People, SEARHC partners with providers to bring about a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit to all residents.

3fold has been a proud partner with SEARHC since 2015.

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