Expanding a healthcare system’s marketing to reach an expanding rural audience.

When health issues arise, people need to clarity around their healthcare options. For residents in rural communities, having access to quality healthcare is even more critical. However, too often, healthcare options are limited or even non-existent. This was the issue facing residents of southeast Alaska. Enter SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC). 

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The Challenge

SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) was a traditionally Native Alaskan-focused healthcare system. However, with changing populations, new technologies, and fewer local providers, SEARHC saw a growing need for expanding their healthcare services to all residents and visitors in southeast Alaska’s many towns and rural communities. 

While this expansion would launch an exciting new era of community healthcare in southeast Alaska, it also presented a significant communications challenge. 

How do you reach an existing audience that is happy with how things were and a new audience that doesn’t know they can come to you for help? All while respecting the history and traditions of its existing Alaska Native patients.

“From CEO through administration staff, 3fold is able to positively impact how we work as a team to meet the demands of our growing consortium. 3fold is attentive and responsive, and most importantly, they provide the research and reporting we need to make the next tough decision.”

Leatha Merculieff
VP, Community Health Services
(Aleut Community of St. Paul tribe)

Our approach

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Updating Branding to reach new patients in rural Alaska.

To be successful, we first needed to re-invent and re-introduce the SEARHC brand to every community in southeast Alaska. This meant strategically managing SEARHC's reputation, getting the message out to often hard-to-reach residents, and ensuring audiences could successfully embrace this change.

In order to this, we focused on the system's role in its communities. So we re-positioned the SEARHC brand around its role as a valued community contributor and a sincere advocate for wellness and healthy living.

The “Healthy is here.” message became the branding umbrella for all marketing, advertising, and outreach. It was designed to reflect SEARHC’s central goal and philosophy of being the healthcare provider of choice for all.


Positioning "Healthy is Here." in all Communications.

“Healthy is here.” not only illustrated SEARHC’s wide reach throughout all of Southeast Alaska, but also the notion that SEARHC provided the best care, no matter who or where you were.

Whether focused on communicating that SEARHC offered the highest level of care with the best healthcare providers, state-of-the-art equipment, or specific services, all communications centered on the idea that to be the best you, SEARHC was here — literally where you live — ready to help.


Reaching urban and rural audiences.

The “Healthy is here.” campaign had to reach both population centers and rural communities, and transcend sometimes spotty connectivity both online and through broadcast. Therefore, all designs and copy had to adapt to multiple audiences and a variety of platforms, as well as for the many services that SEARHC provided.


Reaching urban and rural audiences.

The adoption of the "Healthy is here." message with audiences allowed us to quickly position other SEARHC programs under the “Healthy is here.” umbrella. With customized copy and visuals, including original photography and video, these sub-brands were able to benefit from the investment by their parent brand and boost their own awareness, patient recruitment, and community outcomes without additional effort.

By establishing "Healthy is here." as a foundation, 3fold's work with SEARHC expanded to provide system-wide strategy, campaign development, and design. This work included everything from paid media planningand management, internal communications, and earned media placements and press releases, to board communications, social media, editorial content development, and custom print, photography, and videography. We were also able to work with their digital team to create, develop, and launch a new HIPPA-compliant website.

About SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)

SEARHC is a non-profit health consortium focused on bringing high-quality healthcare services to Southeast Alaska. Formed by Alaska Native People, SEARHC partners with providers to bring about a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit to all residents.

3fold has been a proud partner with SEARHC since 2015.

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