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How do you re-introduce an almost 100-year-old local institution as a modern embodiment of its out-of-region parent university’s reputation for innovation? You keep it simple.

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“The Los Rios Community College District has worked with 3fold Communications to support a variety of marketing and communications efforts since December 2013…In a wide range of projects and endeavors, 3fold has consistently added value to our marketing and communications efforts and has become an integral partner for the Los Rios Community College District. Without reservation, I would recommend 3fold Communications for any organization.”

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When a well-known, local law school expanded its educational offerings, they needed to re-introduce themselves to their community and capture the attention of a new crop of graduate students. 3fold helped make this introduction.

The University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law had been producing high-quality graduates in the Sacramento region since 1924. Although the school had enjoyed a long, proud history in the region and experienced good name recognition among legal circles, the introduction of a number of new programs created a challenge when it came to connecting with new audiences and student populations.

The University came to 3fold for help in raising awareness about the Sacramento campus beyond its law school programs and for boosting applications for its newly-introduced programs.

3fold Education Graduate Program Marketing Image
3fold Education Graduate Program Marketing Image

The Campaign

In order to create an insightful strategy, we first needed insight. 3fold went to the source: the UOP team. We were then able to use our learning to shape a strategy that served both their recognition and enrollment challenges.

We identified two essential elements for the approach:

1. Focus on the strengths. In this case, the University of the Pacific brand, which enjoys a stellar reputation statewide, even if its connection to the local Sacramento community was less obvious.

2. Keep it simple. Our research revealed key audiences needed messaging that was to-the-point and actionable from quick impressions. In short, the campaign needed to be noticed, not subtle.

This approach created a real connection for potential students, seeing themselves and their own pathways reflected in the stories of their peers. Our plan included robust storytelling components, from featuring diverse audiences and stories, to delivering those stories through mobile-friendly and content-driven formats. This ensured we reached target audiences in their preferred environments, using messages that applied directly to them, and inspired clear actions.

Additionally, in order to drive consideration and increase enrollment for programs, all materials, advertising, and messaging were designed to feel true and be relevant to the audiences we were trying to reach. We not only had to show how the programs offered met their needs, but also how these institutions nurtured their students’ future prospects by developing deep connections with employers and leadership within their communities and regions.

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The Results

Beyond the more than 5.5 million impressions and nearly 300 qualified leads generated by the four-month campaign, additional key outcomes included:

  • Increasing awareness of UOP’s Sacramento campus and its programs.
  • Distinguishing the University of the Pacific as an educational leader in Sacramento with its role as an umbrella brand over its more locally known McGeorge School of Law.
  • Unifying marketing efforts for all Sacramento campus graduate programs, leading to economies of scale and efficient and effective use of marketing and media budgets, allowing the programs to have a bigger cumulative impact than their individual program marketing dollars would have allowed.
  • Integrating with UOP’s CRM to track the success of the program in undergraduate and graduate programs for the subsequent three years and as the conversion time frame grows with time.

Services Provided

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