Connecting residents and their utilities in the places where they meet.

Roseville Utilities

City of Roseville,
Environmental Utilities (EU)


When a city enjoys overwhelming support from both residents and businesses, and research shows both groups have a strong level of appreciation for the amenities that come with a well-run municipality, it’s easy to rest on your laurels. However, smart cities and their utility partners know maintaining their reputations and continuing to build stronger relationships with residents and business is essential for ensuring long-term growth and success for all.

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“I was impressed from the start. The team provides a perfect blend of research and strategy. And they knock it out of the park creatively! They quickly understood our needs and provided their marketing expertise to create campaigns and creative options that are exciting, cost effective and have maximum impact.”

Maurice Chaney


The City of Roseville CA Environmental Utilities (EU) department contributes to residents and business owners’ general level  of passion and pride in their city.  Research including customer data, stakeholder interviews, and an organizational analysis, shows the public views Roseville utilities as being “on their side” and a partner in maintaining the city’s place as a desired community to live, work, and play.

Maintaining this reputation and continuing to build stronger relationships with residents is a priority for the City of Roseville, and its partnership with 3fold verifies its commitment to do just that.

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The Campaign

The “Where Utilities Meet Life” campaign was designed to create clear, quick connections for customers so they could recognize how their utilities contribute to their daily lives in numerous positive ways.

The idea was to create proactive messages and reminders to build a more positive relationship for customers that would alleviate frustrations and negative emotions during the limited moments when their services stopped working.

First, the campaign was designed to act as a platform for a new brand look for EU, using a range of color palettes, an over-arching utilities logo, and individualized service icons to represent each utility service and the department’s Utility Exploration Center (UEC). This created a visually consistent foundation for all outreach with residents, ensuring communications were clear and recognizable every time.

We then ensured the campaign was organized to include both business and residential audiences. For businesses, we used the messaging, “Where Utilities Meet Business.” For residents, we used “Where Utilities Meet Home.”

All campaign messaging promoted positive, proactive messaging that directly responded to the top three utility needs for both residents and businesses:

  • Direct out-of-pocket savings
  • Enhanced quality of living and comfort
  • Environmental responsibility

We developed design collateral and advertising that reinforced this distinction while still reflecting the variety of life moments each audience could recognize and relate to personally. Each audience segment also had an individualized presence with unique icons, imagery and messaging.

3fold Public Agency Utility Marketing Image
3fold Public Agency Utility Marketing Image

Services Provided

Marketing Research
Strategic Outreach Planning
Campaign Design and Development
Media Planning and Management
Social Media Strategy
Digital Advertising Management
Motion Graphic Design and Animation
Video Planning and Production
Graphic Design and Collateral Development
Grassroots Outreach and Partnership Support