Connecting healthcare to communities in the last frontier.


SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)


Southeast Alaska deserves a high-quality healthcare system. One focused on meeting the wellness and healthcare needs of its many rural communities while also respecting the region’s proud native history and traditions. They deserve SEARHC.

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“From CEO through administration staff, 3fold is able to positively impact how we work as a team to meet the demands of our growing consortium. 3fold is attentive and responsive, and most importantly, they provide the research and reporting we need to make the next tough decision.”

Leatha Merculieff (Aleut Community of St. Paul tribe)


When health issues arise, the last thing people need is confusion about their healthcare options. This is especially true for residents in rural communities like those throughout southeast Alaska, where treatment services and options can be limited.

This was a challenge facing SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC). For years, the organization focused primarily on meeting the healthcare needs of Alaska Natives. However, a growing need for high quality healthcare throughout its service area created an exciting opportunity for SEARHC. The decision to open their services to everyone launched a new era of community healthcare in southeast Alaska, and for SEARHC itself.

In order for this new era to achieve success, the organization and its brand needed to re-position its image throughout its service communities. This meant strategically managing its reputation, getting the message out to often hard-to-reach residents, and ensuring audiences could successfully embrace this change. All while respecting the history and traditions of its existing Alaska Native patients.


The Campaign

The branding strategy focused on reinforcing the hospital system’s expansion as a full-service, technologically-advanced healthcare option for all residents and visitors throughout its southeast Alaska service area.

The “Healthy is here.” campaign was designed to embrace and capture SEARHC’s service philosophy through both design and messaging. We did this by combining clear, localized information with custom visual design inspired by the colors, designs, and textures that echoed both the rich history and industry of its regional communities.

Importantly, the success of the campaign also depended on reaching both major population centers and rural communities, and transcending the cultural lines within them, as well as overcoming the often spotty online and broadcast connectivity of these areas. Additionally, designs had to work seamlessly between multiple platforms and be easily repurposed to represent the many services and communities SEARHC provides and serves.

The “Healthy is here.” campaign was also specifically designed to act as a foundation for future marketing efforts to spread awareness to all community members and reinforce this philosophy through design and messaging.

3fold Rural Healthcare Marketing Image
3fold Rural Healthcare Marketing Image
3fold Rural Healthcare Marketing Image


3fold developed a multi-phased approach for refocusing and reintroducing the brand using a full multimedia and multi-market outreach campaign.

This started with general awareness, highlighting the over-arching SEARHC brand within communities and then expanding to services and programs, community commitment and involvement, and public health and technology education and availability.

This included magazine, newspaper, radio, and digital advertising targeted throughout SEARHC’s service area. Additionally, “Healthy is here.” cinema ads played before movies in local theaters; healthcare guides and handouts were designed to incorporate the messaging; internal wayfinding, posters, and wall decals touted the messages throughout hospital buildings and offices; and an employee, recruitment-focused digital campaign ensured healthcare services would remain top-notch beyond the transition.

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The Results

Thanks to its success, the campaign evolved beyond an awareness strategy about communicating SEARHC’s high-quality healthcare services, advanced technology, or physical locations throughout southeast Alaska. It became the welcome message for the entire organization. Strongly embraced by the organization, this also led to its integration into the SEARHC brand itself.

In Sitka, a key service location for SEARHC, we focused on boosting patient numbers by advancing hyperlocal communications strategy. This resulted in a 170 percent increase in new patient enrollment.

Overall, the branding strategy and outreach campaign brought widespread community attention to SEARHC as a regional leader in healthcare and as a community asset—particularly as one of the biggest employers and community donors—for all of its regions.

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