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Website Design, Development and Discovery

We build websites. From research and design to platform security and search-engine optimization, we build websites that are fast, responsive and engaging. And when you need ongoing website updating to remain relevant, 3fold will position your content to perform. With 3fold, your website can become your new storefront. Check out our work below.

If you are looking for a website upgrade, we will review your site and give you a call to discuss options.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media should be a valuable tool, not an obstacle. We use strategy to create social media marketing campaigns that increase your bottom line. We are specialists in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Whether you need training, amazing content or someone to do the posting for you, we offer editorial calendar creation, posting planning, platform management and analytics reporting.

Are you looking to improve your social media presence? We’re here to help.

Motion Graphics, Animation and Illustration

We create stunning campaigns by putting digital pictures in motion. Using music, a smart script and computer animation, we bring to life the stories you want to tell. We conduct the market research, creating the design based on your messaging goals and produce media that will move audiences to take action.

Would you like a motion graphic for your business?

Digital Media, Strategy and Management

Digital marketing has a place in every business. Reach your target audiences with pinpoint accuracy. Facebook, Instagram, paid search and SEO all benefit from digital management to drive qualified leads. Digital advertising is overtaking traditional marketing methods as we speak. The good news, we’re here to help. Our digital team plans, implements, monitors, measures and makes real-time adjustments to improve performance.

Let’s leave the guesswork behind and take a look at how digital advertising can help your business achieve it’s goals.

Brand Identity and Logo Creation

We build brands and logos that will convince you to throw away your old business cards, even though the information is still correct. We create, reinforce or reinvent your brand to make sure you are seen as who you are. We go beyond the look and feel. We help plan your brand rollout in a way that gets everyone on board.

See examples below, or contact us to discuss the future of your brand.

Visual Tools, Infographics and Annual Reports

We take complex information and make it easier to understand through creative design. From one-sheets to infographics to annual reports, 3fold’s design team will create the tools you need to deliver your message in the most concise and impactful way.

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