Sacramento City Unified School District and its redesigned Washington Elementary School contracted with 3fold to develop a new visual identity and student recruitment strategy for the reopening of the school after a four-year closure. Working with the internal leadership team, we identified the key challenge as how to transform the reputation of a once-shuttered, downtown neighborhood school into a future-focused, diverse STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) education school that is an asset to the community, students, and parents.

Washington Elementary Identity

3fold crafted a branding concept designed to highlight the school’s focus on the STEAM pillars, and that appealed to all ages and audiences. The identity package visually communicated the school’s ability to create a fun and inspiring learning environment in the classroom.

3fold also developed multiple cross-channel messaging strategies, delivering key information about enrollment, events, and goals for the school. This included creating website graphics designed to work within the District template while presenting a visually-appealing layout that provided visitors with the information they needed to make an informed decision. Additionally, a word-of-mouth strategy targeted to English- and Spanish-speaking parents and family members working in downtown businesses and government buildings near the school was developed and deployed.

Finally, 3fold executed an outreach effort using the neighborhood app Nextdoor, and Facebook that directly resulted in multiple enrollment requests. 3fold also used Facebook Live to build an audience for three, open-house events during the summer and the grand opening celebration at the school.

Additionally, prominent influencers were encouraged to share these events on their social channels, which increased both views and attendance. This strategy resulted in all open houses reaching maximum capacity and the grand opening celebration attracting more than 500 children, parents, neighbors, and community leaders to the event.

Our work on this effort generated the goal number of applications before the completion of our campaign, and due to the overwhelming interest, the school principal was allowed to add an additional teaching position to expand kindergarten offerings from one class to two.

Washington Elementary Identity
Washington Elementary Identity
Washington Elementary Branding web image