Since the beginning of our partnership in 2014, Los Rios Community College District and 3fold have made incredible strides together in building the District’s capacity to carryout full scale, multi-media campaigns in a coordinated manner across its four college campuses and six satellite education centers.

We consider this no small feat given the diversity of each campus’ student body, administration, faculty and staff, communications styles and marketing needs.

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2017 Brand + Enrollment + Persistence – Campaign: Smart Move

The District’s initial focus for our work together was centered on student enrollment and persistence. Throughout our work together, it became increasingly important to show how Los Rios supports the entire student journey at each campus. In order to establish a pipeline of prospective students for the future, establishing long-term awareness by building the district’s brand as a premiere choice for college proved to be critical. From this work, 3fold and the District worked collaboratively to create the Smart Move campaign concept, an enduring strategy through which the District is able to communicate its immediate and long-term impacts on the region’s residents and businesses.

Smart Move uses real student stories to generate awareness, consideration and ultimately conversion for potential new students.

Previous Campaigns

The first digital pilot campaign in the winter of 2013/14 was as much a test of prospective students’ appetite for LRCCD advertising as it was for the District and campus leadership’s. Since then we have run seven enrollment, awareness and persistence campaigns for the District, generating over 79 million digital impressions.

Because we have built the partnerships, shared goals and visions — and supported the needs of the communications staff at each campus — the marketing landscape for LRCCD now is very different from when we began.

2013 / 2014: Enrollment – Campaign: Find Your Success

Before the launch of our pilot campaign, it had been eight years since LRCCD had done any paid advertising.

We started small with a goal of reaching potential new students. Graphics were designed to reach each individual college with umbrella messaging that represented the District’s initiatives. This campaign introduced digital advertising as a tool that could support enrollment.

LRCCD Find Your Success Campaign
LRCCD Find Your Success Campaign

2015 Enrollment Expanded – Campaign: dream to dream job

Based on the success of the pilot campaign, the focus for 2015 was boosting enrollment amongst prospective student audiences. Campaign messaging and graphics were updated to allow for program/degree specific messages and both traditional and digital media strategies were used.

2016 Persistence + Enrollment – Campaign: save your spot

Research shows that retaining students across academic semesters is one of the most cost-effective ways for colleges to approach enrollment. In light of this information, for their 2016 spring campaign, Los Rios Community College District partnered with 3fold to develop a persistence campaign aimed at encouraging current students to take advantage of early enrollment in the next semester’s classes to both guarantee their seats and access the classes they wanted.

3fold developed the “Save Your Spot” campaign as a strong call to action and one that communicated key benefits of early registration. The campaign was anchored in media strategies that spanned digital advertising, radio and cinema advertising, outdoor advertising and marketing collateral to be used by college staff and faculty to communicate with students.

Perhaps the most important component of the campaign for reaching current students was the ambient advertising used throughout each college campus to promote the early enrollment period. This took the shape of door decals, sidewalk decals, posters, postcards and staffed booths where students could easily get more information about spring enrollment.

Initially meant to be a persistence-only campaign, this look and feel was applied to enrollment as well, where it found successes, especially in paid search advertisements.

During this time, we also expanded the district’s use of social media channels that audiences were using most—Instagram and Snapchat. By creating compelling content geared directly toward students—and utilizing actual student voices and ideas throughout the campaign—we showcased aspects of the Los Rios experience those on the outside might not normally see. Authentic stories and important enrollment information were shared seamlessly.

By utilizing social media as a tool for marketing to Los Rios’ student audience, we saw heightened engagement levels and greater interest through an uptick in online traffic and application submissions. We concluded that the creative campaign needed a refresh, one that captured the student voices and stories at LRCCD.

LRCCD Save Your Spot Campaign
LRCCD Save Your Spot Campaign