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The best healthcare systems need the best team members. In a market that is both highly-competitive and highly-selective, recruiting not only qualified applicants, but leading prospects takes innovative strategy and creative thinking. Sutter Health Physician Recruitment was ready for both.

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SHPR came to 3fold to support their recruitment efforts, reinforce the positive perception of their department, and, ultimately, enable them to be more successful and efficient in meeting their goals.

In order to help SHPR achieve their goals, 3fold focused on two key areas: using digital outreach efforts to enhance physician recruitment and developing a brand collateral package to aid SHPR delivering on and reporting their progress to department managers and higher-ups, proving the success of their recruitment campaigns and message delivery systems.

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OBGYN Recruitment Social Media Ads

For physician recruitment, 3fold deployed a three-month digital recruitment strategy for the open positions: dermatologists and OBGYNs.

This involved running two separate campaigns, which allowed us to test channel performance, creative, and messaging and focus the client’s investment on the most efficient and effective strategy. This also ensured we could pivot as needed as performance changed or new opportunities arose.

3fold Healthcare Provider Recruitment Marketing Image

The Results

What made this campaign a success was that it avoided the over-saturated traditional channels typically used for recruitment and opted for an all-digital approach. This was something SHPR had never tried before. Doctors, while often not directly identifying themselves on social media, are big users of the platforms like most Americans and could be reached effectively.

3fold Healthcare Provider Recruitment Marketing Image
Physician Recruitment Digital Ads

We also made sure that our messaging not only detailed what the position was, but also conveyed the benefits of the position that many hospitalists desired, such as having more time off for adventures, passion projects, or with family. Additionally, by targeting mobile phones specifically, which we knew doctors are often attached to while on shift, we were able to expand connection times for outreach.

Because of this, SHPR ads appeared at the top of search results against traditional recruitment firms for those searching for hospitalist related positions.

Not only did SHPR receive a consistent supply of qualified leads resulting from our digital efforts, but these leads resulted in new hires for several positions. By putting the right systems in place with an automated process for lead tracking, all SHPR had to do was follow up with applicants.

Services provided:

  • Research and interviewing of partners
  • Brand messaging, positioning, and management
  • Collateral development
  • Annual report design and development
  • Stakeholder communications and presentations
  • Programmatic graphic and digital design
  • Content development