Sacramento Metro Chamber Notables, Then & Now

The 129th Annual Dinner & Business Awards acknowledges exceptional businesses and leaders in the Sacramento area, presenting prestigious awards such as Sacramentan of the Year, Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year, Young Professional of the Year, and Business Hall of Fame Awards. These distinguished honorees stand among a lineage of committed leaders who have played a pivotal role in fostering the vibrancy and interconnectedness of the Sacramento Region through robust business initiatives.

The Sacramento Metro Chamber is proud to highlight past and present individuals and businesses through our initiative, Metro Chamber Notables, Then and Now.

Join us in celebrating regional leaders who have played a pivotal role in fostering the vibrancy and interconnectedness of the Sacramento Region through robust business initiatives.

This Year’s Winners


BusinessWoman of the Year

Allison Otto

I am truly humbled to be included in the ranks of diverse civic, business and community leaders that continue to make Sacramento a unique, vibrant, equitable and desirable place to live, work and thrive.


Entrepreneur of the Year

Tiffani Scott

I’ve worked extensively across the region and I can say with confidence that the Sacramento Metro Chamber is a significant driver of innovation, business and civic engagement across the region.


Metro EDGE Young Professional of the Year

Dr. Nkiruka Catherine Ohaegbu

The connections I’ve made through the Sacramento Metro Chamber and Metro EDGE have helped me grow my network of regional leaders exponentially.


Businessman of the Year

David Lowe

It is through the collective and collegial efforts of the Chamber and its constituent organizations that Sacramento remains at the forefront of civic, economic and community development.


Sacramentan Of The Year

Garry Maisel

To be recognized by you, my colleagues, the business and civic leaders of the region, is of tremendous importance and meaning to me.


Incoming Board Chair

Keri Thomas

I am indebted to this organization for the role it’s played in my professional growth, and I’m thrilled to not only give back to the Metro Chamber, but for the opportunity to pay it forward.


Entrepreneur of the Year

Mark Haney

It is the effort of the Chamber that fuels our thriving culture, our competitive economy, this connected community and what I can only call a true renaissance in the Sacramento region.


Centennial Business Hall of Fame

United Way California Capital Region

When our local United Way began 100 years ago, we had a close connection with the Metro Chamber, even sharing an office together.


Al Geiger Memorial Award

Quirina Orozco

I’m inspired by all of my dedicated colleagues in our civic and business communities who continue to change lives and empower the next generation of professionals to transcend our assumed limitations and shine like we can.

Looking back…


Sacramentan Of The Year

Roy Brewer

The Chamber has afforded not only me, but many people opportunities to work with business and opinion leaders in the metro area across a broad range of topics… for which I am grateful.


BusinessMan of the Year

James Beckwith

My involvement with the Sacramento Metro Chamber and community leaders, the steps we’ve taken together as a business community, has led to continued success in the region not just for Five Star Bank but the region as a whole.


Al Geiger Memorial Award

Cassandra Jennings

The Chamber’s vision and the actions are shaped by many perspectives, which crafts a better agenda for our region and helps work toward enhanced economic, educational, and community opportunities.


Young Professional of the Year

Erica Taylor

Being recognized as a Sacramento Metro Chamber Young Professional of the Year… inspired my continued work to uplift local communities that make up the wonderful region my family and I call home.


McCuen Award for Civic Entrepreneurs

Carol Garcia

Being involved with the Sacramento Metro Chamber has afforded me so many opportunities, providing avenues to serve with business leaders and visionaries…


McCuen Award for Civic Entrepreneurs

John Frisch

Together, we’re building more than economic vitality and opportunity, together we build community.


Small Business of the Year

Michelle Smirna

MMS Strategies successes are anchored in the robust network we’ve cultivated and the meaningful connections we’ve forged, exemplified by our collaboration with the Sacramento Metro Chamber.


Businessman of the Year

Randy Sater

The region has a myriad of interests, voices and needs; and the Sacramento Metro Chamber, in its representation of the business community, is one of those key voices that we listen to.


Al Geiger Memorial Award

Scott Syphax

The Sacramento Metro Chamber has made a lasting and indelible impact on my life and the lives of so many in the Sacramento region.


Al Geiger Memorial Award

Darrell Teat

Being acknowledged along with other notables for the Al Geiger Memorial Award is a huge honor for me. My work wouldn’t be nearly as impactful without the… support of the Sacramento Metro Chamber.


Small Business of the Year

Gordon Fowler

3fold Communications being recognized by the Sacramento Metro Chamber…opened new doors and opportunities to engage and partner with key leaders and organizations across the region.


Young Professional of the Year

Verna Sulpizo Hull

The connections I’ve made, and the support I’ve received from the Chamber have been truly influential and so important to my growth and confidence as a small business owner, a community organizer and a leader.

2007, 2017

Businesswoman of the Year, Sacramentan of the Year

Winnie-Comstock Carlson

For decades, Comstock’s magazine has been a proud Media Sponsor for the Sacramento Metro Chamber, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come.

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Sacramento Metro Chamber Notables, Then & Now