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MEET 3fold

3fold is smart:

We create the opportunity and produce results that matter to you.

3fold is creative:

We get you noticed in a new way and with big impact.

3fold is experienced:

On budget and on time. Our multi-industry experience works for you.

What is 3fold?

Marketing firm. Advertising agency. Public relations specialists. Graphic design experts. Digital and social media strategists. Web developers.

Yeah. We’re all of these things.

3fold solves your business challenges by creating a viewpoint just for you. We discover the trends, listen to the conversation and empower your company / organization through smart, creative solutions.

Our Approach.

Part of our approach has always focused on a maintaining a deep understanding of community beyond demographics and statistics. This involves keeping stock of what new and established business are doing, participating in and leading conversations on the economy, industry, trends, and government initiatives, and ultimately identifying and making connections that benefit our clients.

The other part of our approach? Having a diverse and brilliant team dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure our client’s success.

Our Team

Gordon Fowler

Principal & CEO

Angela Criser

Principal & Creative Director

Jamie Von Sossan

Director of Operations

Liz Divelbiss

Senior Strategist

Kim Tucker

Senior Community Strategist

Leili Khalessi

Senior Account Manager

Jessica Rhodes

Senior Strategist

Matt Sumida

Account Manager

Lauren Ellis

Project Manager

Carol Chamberlain

Senior Public Relations Manager

Cory Goodale

Digital Strategist

Landon Lee

Art Director

Amanda Sebastiani

Graphic Designer

Jordan Hartman

Jr Graphic Designer

Sarah Bietsch

Jr Graphic Designer

Jonathan Taraya

Research and Content Coordinator

Zack Snow

Traffic Coordinator

Phyllis Marker

Executive Assistant

Brenton Ferreira

Operations Coordinator

Siethasay Rasynouvong

Design Intern

Christina Robertson