About 3fold

The Highlights

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3fold is smart:

We create the opportunity and produce the results that matter most to you.

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3fold is creative:

We get you noticed in new ways and with bigger impact and engagement.

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3fold is experienced:

Our marketing-meets-multi-industry experience works for you. On budget and on time.

Get to Know Us

What is 3fold?

Marketing firm. Advertising agency. Public relations specialists. Graphic design experts. Digital and social media strategists. Web developers.
Yeah. We’re all of these things.
3fold is an award-winning marketing agency dedicated to solving your business challenges by creating a viewpoint just for you. We discover the trends, listen to the conversation and empower your company / organization through smart, creative solutions.

Our Approach

Part of our approach has always focused on a maintaining a deep understanding of community beyond demographics and statistics. This involves keeping stock of what new and established business are doing, participating in and leading conversations on the economy, industry, trends, and government initiatives, and ultimately identifying and making connections that benefit our clients.
The other part of our approach? Having a diverse and brilliant team dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure our client’s success.

Our Team

Gordon Fowler

Gordon Fowler


Gordon Fowler is Principal and CEO of 3fold Communications. Gordon launched 3fold in 2004 after 15 years of national marketing and advertising experience in private and public sectors. Gordon is a frequently requested speaker who travels nationally sharing his communications expertise, passion for social entrepreneurship and philosophy on community-based business building. In addition to leading 3fold, in 2016 Gordon spearheaded the launch of The Glue Factory, an incubator space focused on building community-based entrepreneurs that embodies the spirit of innovative cross-sector collaborations.

STANDOUT PROJECT: SHARE (Sharing How Awareness of Resources Empowers) for the US Department of Labor

Our task was to increase employment by encouraging partnerships between faith- and community-based resources and workforce development offices in local communities. 3fold developed the program, and provided the training and all the marketing/communication services needed to give the program high visibility. The program rolled out in 25 states and 10 cities and built trust among government and the private sector. Good local concepts scaled to a national level: my kind of project.

Angela Criser

Angela Criser


Angela Criser, the CFO and co-owner of 3fold Communications, has spent the last 13 years at the helm delivering top-notch solutions with co-founder, Gordon Fowler. Angela brings a unique perspective of creativity and logic to every aspect of 3fold, ensuring every client and project receives a custom, unique approach that is designed to meet their goals and create solutions to their most prevalent needs while creating real impact throughout their communities.

STANDOUT PROJECT: L Street Lofts Launch

I loved our creative work and problem-solving for L Street Lofts. The development company came to us looking for unconventional thinking. They were building a new style of housing for Downtown/Midtown Sacramento, but struggled to connect with the very area it was trying to redefine. Not only did we get to create traditional advertising that looked different than anything developers were doing, we were able to add a grassroots, community-level engagement strategy into the mix.

Jamie Von Sossan

Director of Operations

With over 10 years of experience in the sports marketing industry, Jamie joined 3fold in 2012 as an account manager to provide exceptional service and killer results to our clients. Steadily moving up the ranks, Jamie is now 3fold’s director of operations, leading both the account and creative teams. She understands the intricacies of both departments – how to motivate the team, what it takes to get a project completed on time and within budget, and how to keep 3fold moving in the right direction.

STANDOUT PROJECT: SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)

It was inspiring to lead the conversation—and solution— for SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium’s “Healthy is Here” Campaign. It entailed a campaign strategy to inform non-Alaska Native residents they were now eligible to receive services from SEARHC. Because of the effort, multiple communities became aware that there is a convenient place to go for healthcare. Mission accomplished.

Jessica Rhodes

Jessica Rhodes


Jessica’s role as senior strategist at 3fold is, well, three-fold. With an MBA in nonprofit management and marketing, Jess helps our clients in identifying and creating business strategies to help them meet their goals; she is a master strategist, absorbing dreams and capabilities and transforming them to implementable plans. She is an expert in managing and monitoring inbound and outbound communications to help our clients reach their target audiences. She seamlessly integrates sales and marketing to ensure that our clients are getting solutions that maximize their return on investment.

STANDOUT PROJECTS: Improving Business Practices with Strategy

I am blown away by our clients. In the strategic department, I work with clients seeking guidance on strategy and improved business practices. Recently, I have been inspired by work Eskaton Foundation does for seniors, the dream Girl Scouts has to serve all K-12 girls in our region, and by SMUD’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. These clients have an idea of what our world could look like. Through our strategic audits and outreach plans, we help them get there.

Leili Khalessi

Leili Khalessi


Leili operates as the strategic lead between clients and 3fold’s account management, creative, media planning, and public relations teams. She creates smart marketing strategies and communications plans that help clients meet their business goals. Leili has extensive experience developing brand and community outreach strategies to inform and engage audiences. Leili also provides marketing training in an effort to help organizations think differently about the way they reach their audiences (#millennials), and the importance of digital and social outreach in today’s market.

STANDOUT PROJECT: SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

A recent project that I love has been the development of a multi-market, community-focused campaign to help South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium recruit new patients. I love putting together real strategies with excellent design that help clients meet their business objectives.

Liz Divelbiss

Liz Divelbiss


Liz develops strategic plans that guide 3fold’s marketing, advertising, branding and communications campaigns to help clients achieve their business goals and objectives. Using various forms of research as the foundation for all recommendations, she provides a solid direction for the firm’s work, including a keen understanding of target audience demographics and motivations, creative use of communications channels and methods, and crafting messages that inspire action. Her formal training in journalism plays to her natural curiosity about our clients’ latest and greatest assets and how to move them forward.


My favorite aspect of my work at 3fold is talking to people about their goals and big dreams and helping craft a path for reaching them.

Kim Tucker

Senior Community Strategist

If asked to describe her role, Kim will tell you she’s a broker for good—helping philanthropic people support worthy nonprofits, and helping nonprofits become worthy of investment. She has worked in and with nonprofit organizations since graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in social work, and loves to help nonprofit boards work well by ensuring that they’re able to serve the mission of their organization through fundraising and brand ambassadorship.
Carol Chamberlain

Carol Chamberlain


Carol creates opportunities for 3fold’s clients through targeted strategy and proactive planning to create a broader reach among stakeholders, clients and the public. Always in pursuit of solid results, Carol is driven to garner earned media that leads to better interaction, improved communication, increased sales, and more connection points for developing long-term relationships. Carol applies her extensive communications experience to her work, which includes newspaper writing and editing, corporate communications and television production. She has worked with the California Assembly, and also helped launch and acted as managing editor for a regional business/lifestyle publication in the Sacramento area.

STANDOUT PROJECT: Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Anytime my effort makes a difference, I’m happy! But when we score broad exposure through a sustained effort to educate and inform like we did with the new Sacramento Natural Food Coop, my competitive nature soars.

Cory Goodale

Cory Goodale


As 3fold’s resident digital strategist. Cory has several years of sales and marketing experience, crafting original campaigns from concept to execution. In his time with 3fold, Cory has worked to strategize and implement digital marketing campaigns for our clients that provide measurable results and actionable insights.

STANDOUT PROJECT: Sacramento Regional Transit

Working to move the dial on ridership with Sacramento Regional Transit was a complete passion project for me. I strongly believe that strong and accessible public transportation makes cities “world-class”.

Matt Sumida

Matt Sumida


As account manager, Matt’s specialties lie in developing informed strategies for the higher-education sector, major regional nonprofit organizations, and government entities. Through branding, campaigns, websites and social media, Matt has taken most of 3fold’s largest clients to the next phase in meeting their business goals through his ability to communicate, plan and exceed expectations. Matt’s background comes from working with a local chamber of commerce planning and executing events, managing programs and developing marketing and communication strategies.

STANDOUT PROJECT: Sacramento Regional Transit

I like projects that are collaborative, especially ones that have broad impact for our city. The Sacramento Regional Transit Relevancy Campaign, our effort to ensure a memorable Golden 1 Center opening experience by encouraging new riders to use public transit, shifted negative perceptions through creativity. I’m proud of our participation.

Lauren Ellis

Lauren Ellis


Lauren says her work’s reward is helping businesses convey their authentic brand in a dynamic and changing world. As project manager, Lauren is a task manager, proficient in content development management across traditional and digital platforms. Her background in public relations for global companies and regional organizations, along with her passion for creative entrepreneurship, is an invaluable asset to 3fold’s clients who wish to get their voice heard amidst the daily chaos.

STANDOUT PROJECT: Midtown Association

A particularly rewarding experience for me was my start-to-finish effort to guide Sacramento’s Midtown Association leaders through strategic discussions that eventually led to the development of a fun and visible new brand. Our creative team is so talented!

Landon Lee

Landon Lee


With eight years of experience developing creative solutions, Landon’s contributions to visual impact have already left an indelible mark in the region and beyond. During his time at 3fold, Landon’s thoughtful approach, imagination and creative talent have led to many successful brands.

STANDOUT PROJECT: River City Food Bank

My work feels consequential when the finished products are unique, powerful and have impact. My work with River City Food Bank fits that profile. Our messaging and rebrand effort, conceived and executed for a variety of print and digital mediums, positively influenced their fundraising capabilities. I understand first-hand how important that is. Our 3fold family volunteers there.

Sarah Bietsch

Sarah Bietsch

Graphic Designer

Sarah is always looking for opportunities to perfect her skills, learn new ones and exceed client expectations. From political advertising to store circulars, Sarah’s keen play of color and typography accentuate her graphic designs. Now operating in 3fold’s fast-paced design environment, Sarah maintains her methodical approach while delivering top-notch creative across multiple media channels. Sarah relocated to Sacramento from Pennsylvania to take on the 3fold challenge, and become a member of the vibrant creative community in our city.

Jordan Hartman


Jordan comes to 3fold Communications as a recent and highly commended Sac State graduate in graphic design. Jordan strives to create unique visual elements while using many different techniques. She says her best design work has come from the use of spray paint, expanded metal, and found objects. Jordan also enjoys painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography.


I really enjoyed working on the Girl Scouts: Heart of Central California Communications Audit Report. I had the opportunity to hand draw the icons and graphic elements that fell in line with the bright and playful Girl Scouts branding!

Jonathan Taraya

Jonathan Taraya


With multi-year experience in creating dynamic, authentic content for regional nonprofits and broadcast news, Jonathan brings evidence-based analysis to 3fold’s content creation process. In his time at 3fold, Jonathan has provided valuable, actionable intelligence to our clients on a variety of topics to ensure 3fold’s recommendations are both accurate and effective.

STANDOUT PROJECT: California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

My favorite project is the “Get Your Campus Ready” campaign for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. My contribution to the storytelling process led to powerful info and motion graphics that bring the client’s message to life. It’s an incredible feeling that my work may make the world just a tiny bit better.

Zack Snow

Zack Snow


A perfect day for Zack is when projects are humming along, on time or ahead of schedule, and on budget. And due to his clear communication skills and his expertise navigating projects, he experiences perfect days quite often. But when the going gets tough, Zack uses his MBA inspired, process-oriented, methodical approach to problem solve. Zack brings to 3fold project-management, sales and entrepreneurial understanding, and for such a young one, a commanding leadership style.


Projects that require detailed timelines, a bit of vision and many moving parts are my favorite. For instance, 3fold’s quick turnaround efforts for clients on retainer, where we shoehorn their immediate needs in on a busy day, is my kind of action.

Phyllis Marker

Phyllis Marker


Phyl is the uber-efficient brains behind the complicated job of keeping our President and CEO in-line and on time. If her management skills weren’t best served ensuring Gordon always meets his deliverables on behalf of our clients, she would undoubtedly dominate in our account services department. 3fold is expertly run because she is an expert in organizing 3fold’s leader. Phyl brings an unassuming sense of humor to her role and the 3fold team. Her organizational skills and strong work ethic are evident in the range of projects she assists the entire team with, and everyone fears and loves her.


Because I love a challenge that requires my skills to organize and problem-solve, I find working with larger clients like Sutter Health the most rewarding. I’m happy when my efforts move projects forward.

Brenton Ferreira

Brenton Ferreira


Brenton is the smiling face you’ll undoubtedly first encounter when visiting 3fold. As office coordinator, he ensures that each member of the team is equipped with the tools and resources they need to be effective, and that the office runs smoothly overall. With experience in various industries, Brenton is focused on applying his organizational and office management skills to 3fold to ensure a pleasant office environment.


My favorite campaign was the United Way “In Case of Need” campaign. It was really incredible to work so closely with the creative team to create something that still wows me to this day.