How do we create career pathways to future-ready, family-sustaining jobs?


We’re big believers in education’s role in shaping the next generation of workers, entrepreneurs, activists, teachers, thought leaders, and global change-makers. This is why we’re committed to helping our education partners activate their student populations, boost enrollment for key programs, increase their own team’s capacity to do vital work, and convince stakeholders of the value of their investment.

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1 in 3

California workers say they would change their field of work if they lost their current job.

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of Americans say they have access to the education they want to make a career transition and re-skill.

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1 in 3

college students are re-evaluating returning to school to poor online learning experiences.


Recruitment and

Today’s education providers are facing challenges on multiple fronts, from shrinking student pools and providing great learning experiences in the era of COVID-19, to delivering programs designed to meet the needs of the changing future workforce. How relevant you are and how you stand out from competitors is key to overcoming these challenges.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you differentiate from competitors, boost student interest, enhance your community reputation, build strategic partnerships, and, ultimately, achieve enrollment goals.


Education and

Career Education has become a competitive alternative to traditional higher education pathways. It’s also an option many prospective learners still don’t know about or fully understand. Ensuring learners are not only aware of these programs but can take advantage of their benefits is key to gaining the real-world experience and transferrable skills they need to get the family-sustaining jobs of the future.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you engage and activate learners in your Career Education programs.


Team Capacity

We get it. Most education marketing teams have more goals than time to meet them. What makes us different is our ability to seamlessly merge with your team and existing structures, delivering innovative strategies and marketing solutions so you can focus on other priorities.

Talk to us to find out how we can help your team meet priorities, expand outreach, and boost successful outcomes.

What We Do

Strategic Consulting
Communications Plans
Crisis Communications Strategy
Brand Positioning and Messaging

Inbound Campaigns
Branded Content
Motion Graphics and Video
Social Media
Graphic Design
Visual Tools, Infographics, and Annual Reports
Community Partnerships
Strategic Events and Activations

Integrated Campaigns
Media Strategy and Buying
Digital Advertising
SEO and SEM Strategy


We work Within Your System.

Your 3fold team applies our working knowledge of educational infrastructures, boundaries, and barriers to identify smart, creative solutions that work within them.


We Leverage connections.

3fold leverages our partnerships with communities, influencers, media partners, and industry experts to address your specific needs and goals.


We Build North Star Strategies.

3fold creates strategic plans to act as a guiding light for connecting and engaging audiences in the ways that drive toward your goals.


We Track and Pivot.

3fold identifies and tracks key performance metrics continuously so we can optimize the approach as needed to garner results and reach shared goals.


We Position You as The expert.

3fold finds opportunities to position you and your team as thought leaders, experts, and pioneers in your field, ensuring your stand out with peers and customers.

Our Work

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In 2019, the Los Rios Community College Direct launched the “Los Rios Promise” program, offering full-time students two years of tuition-free education at any of their four regional colleges. In order to make sure students could benefit, however, they first had to know about the program. But how do you create a unique brand that both drives enrollment to the colleges without stepping on their own branding?

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We’ve supported the success of many higher education institutions and organizations in California and beyond, Including: