How do Your get noticed, stay relevant, and inspire action in your community?


You’ve created a great program or product perfectly designed to meet your customers’ needs. You’ve navigated the complicated administrative and approval processes necessary to make it a reality. Now, you need to launch it in a big way. All while making sure those who need it most understand it and are inspired to act, while those funding it or supporting it see the value in their investment. 


Transportation and Public Transit

For those responsible for moving their communities efficiently and effectively. It’s about reaching diverse people in diverse neighborhoods to connect them with public and environmentally-friendly transportation.

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Utilities and Public Services

For those responsible for keeping their communities powered, the waste moving, and the water flowing. It’s about connecting people with the programs they needs, educating them how best to use services, and building goodwill when things are working so trust is strong when things go wrong.

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Regional and Local Government

For those responsible for tackling the biggest issues and challenges in their communities and regions. It’s about communicating effectively to ensure successful outcomes for the everyone.

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What We Do

Strategic Consulting
Communications Plans
Crisis Communications Strategy
Brand Positioning and Messaging

Inbound Campaigns
Branded Content
Motion Graphics and Video
Social Media
Graphic Design
Visual Tools, Infographics, and Annual Reports
Community Partnerships
Strategic Events and Activations

Integrated Campaigns
Media Strategy and Buying
Digital Advertising
SEO and SEM Strategy


We work Within Your System.

Your 3fold team applies our working knowledge of organization infrastructures, boundaries, and barriers to identify smart, creative solutions that work within them.


We Leverage connections.

3fold leverages our partnerships with communities, influencers, media partners, and industry experts to address your specific needs and goals.


We Build North Star Strategies.

3fold creates strategic plans to act as a guiding light for connecting and engaging audiences in the ways that drive toward your goals.


We Track and Pivot.

3fold identifies and tracks key performance metrics continuously so we can optimize the approach as needed to garner results and reach shared goals.


We Position You as The expert.

3fold finds opportunities to position you and your team as thought leaders, experts, and pioneers in your field, ensuring your stand out with peers and customers.

Our Work

Sacramento’s youth get their ride on with RydeFreeRT

When Sacramento City Councilmember Jay Schenirer teamed up with Sacramento Regional Transit to offer free public transportation to youth in order to tackle chronic absenteeism in schools, he had our full support. When he asked 3fold to team up and help get the word out, we were enthusiastically all in, ready to make the program a success.

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Connecting utilities with their customers in the places they meet.

Too often, utility customers only think about their services when they stop working. This means all the great service, programs, and community good these organizations provide have missed opportunities to connect with customers in their daily lives. How do position a public utility as a valued and engaging brand so they build trust and goodwill with customers for when things go wrong.

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We’ve supported the success of many higher education institutions and organizations in California and beyond, Including: