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the Challenge

The American workforce is at a crossroads. Our population is getting older, new technologies are changing the type of work we need, and the number of current job openings far exceeds the number of workers entering the workforce to fill them. In fact, according to research by McKinsey, millions of people will need to switch jobs by 2030 due changing demands.


of Americans think a four-year degree is a “bad bet” in 2023. (Survey by NORC at the University of Chicago)


of workers’ skills will be disrupted in the next five years according to employers. (World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report 2023)


drop in the application rate for technical jobs like plumbers and electricians between 2020 and 2022 (NPR Report)

What does this mean for higher education, trade, and workforce-driving organizations? More competition for candidates. Increasing expectations for proving the value of services. Higher risk of burnout for educators, leaders, and employees. Evolving skill requirements for workers.

Meeting these challenges require innovative thinking. New approaches for how organizations tell their stories, prove their return on investment, and recruit, train, and retain students and employees for the future.

This is what 3fold does. We deliver experience-backed, research-based marketing, advertising, and communications to help you meet your biggest challenges.

How we do it.

We Understand Education and workforce Development

We’ve worked with clients including the US Department of Labor, national and state workforce organizations, higher education institutions, community college systems, trade associations, regional economic development departments, school districts, and more.

We combine our hands-on experience with the latest research so we always know what’s affecting our clients today and what opportunities exist to meet their goals.

No “Expected” Solutions

We don’t copy and paste solutions. Each of our clients has a specific need and a unique goal. We provide customized solutions that benefit from established efficiencies, delivering greater value and results.

Drone shows, Guinness World Records, MLB partnerships – there’s always room for a big idea.

Storytelling That Captivates And Inspires

There’s more to the story than a bottom line. Humans are nuanced, so reaching them must be deliberate and resonating with them is paramount.

From journey mapping, to focus groups and interviews, to audience takeovers, we know how to create engaging content that builds lasting relationships with each audience. Awareness, engagement, and action.

Results with Context

Our results are contextualized as your impact in the real world – students enrolled, parents engaged, workers retained, and minds changed. We’ve also built an extensive understanding of the systems and expectations of organizations with multiple stakeholders.

This means results get delivered contextually and in alignment with stakeholder priorities and expectations.

Latest Insights


Research + insights (student, family, Employee, and community)

Digital + traditional Media and Public Relations (Paid, earned, owned, and shared)

Brand and Campaign Strategy (Positioning, Messaging, and Engagement)

Creative (Graphic design, Copy Writing, Website, and Production)

Stakeholder Alignment + Engagement (Facilitation, identification, and training)

Social Media (Planning, Content, Management, and Performance Analysis)

Internal Communications (Strategy, Content, and Crisis Planning)

Full-scale campaign Development and management (Planning, optimizing, And reporting)

Education and Workforce Development work

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