Recruiting Younger Students To the San Diego College of Continuing Education By Making Career Education More Relevant to Their Lives and Goals

For the San Diego College of Continuing Education


Like many colleges across the nation right now, San Diego’s College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) wanted to attract a younger audience – people who were in high school or on the brink of graduation. However, SDCCE was experiencing a misconception about its programs caused by historically targeting outreach to older students that prevented them from recruiting younger students.


3fold and SDCCE determined the best way to get younger audiences interested in their campus was to let them explore it. SDCCE had never held this type of event before so asked 3fold to help them strategize a more intentional approach. We encouraged parents and high-school-aged students to attend their local SDCCE campus by providing vibrant and aspirational creative, showing the audience how SDCCE could get them into their dream career by taking the first step of attending SDCCE’s Exploration Days.

Registration for Fall 2022


Exploration Days offered our target audience the clarification they craved. With a clear path to economic mobility defined, the youth took action! 

Registration for Fall 2022 increased by 43%. 

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