Impact Foundry LogoIn 2015, 3fold Communications lead the charge to save and reinvigorate a vital nonprofit resource for Sacramento region nonprofits.

The Nonprofit Resource Center was struggling with membership support and service delivery. In order to avoid having the Sacramento nonprofit supporter fold, 3fold partnered with other community leaders to form a strong board and reimagine the vision for the organization.

Placing 3fold’s senior nonprofit strategist, Kim Tucker, at the helm, the new leadership and board are introducing an innovative approach to nonprofit sustainability.

Check out the Sacramento Bee’s article on how a Sacramento marketing agency accomplished this goal.


Sneak peak: Posted in The Sacramento Bee

Two years ago, when Kim Tucker was working on reinvigorating Sacramento’s Nonprofit Resource Center, she didn’t imagine rebranding the organization. That idea came from her board of directors.

“Board members did not want the words ‘nonprofit’ or ‘resource’ in our name, and I was really surprised,” Tucker said. “I thought the name would be the name, but they said, ‘First off, we don’t serve just nonprofits.’ 

It was an idea Tucker could understand from her years working with nonprofits, helping them to develop best practices so they could thrive in the future.

“It takes four sectors – business, philanthropy, government and nonprofits – working together to create community change, sustainable community change, so we need to be about the business of serving all four sectors so they work together,” Tucker said. “The idea is that we pour those four sectors in together at our foundry.”