How is a stand up comedy writer who designed interpretive experiences at amusement parks changing the nonprofit fundraising world? By making it fun.

The nonprofit world could use a funny man. After all, saving the world is a bit of a grind. But what does a stand up comedy writer who designed interpretive experiences at amusement parks have to say to nonprofit executive directors? Plenty it turns out, and it all makes sense.

Kor’s Bot7 Company (named after owner Doug Kor’s self-proclaimed stage in life – bottom of the seventh) is scoring a run in Roseville. He is in the inaugural class at the Glue Factory on Vernon Street, a collaborative effort with a three-prong purpose: develop entrepreneurs, build community, and encourage wellness. The funny man fits right in at The Glue Factory. His heart-in-the-right-place, for-profit idea for tooling nonprofits is a Glue Factory value personified.

Entrepreneur Kor thrives on his ability to touch, move and inspire, just like he says nonprofits must. And with an added dose of competitive fun, he’s hoping to help nonprofits laugh their way to growth with his cloud based Vote-by-Donation platform (Votdo).

His advice to share the story and build capacity through fun and games is a message for all nonprofits as they dive into Big Day of Giving come May 3. Get crazy, expand your donor base through a competitive spirit and bring joy to fundraising.

At a recent Impact Foundry (formerly the Nonprofit Resource Center) ED Workshop, Kor explained his hook for successful nonprofit fundraising — the idea of gamification.

He’s not talking bingo, casino nights, auctions and 5k walks; he’s making the case for competition from the couch. With his Votdo, any goofy idea can make money. He was inspired nationally (ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) and has made it happen locally (Happy TailsSocial Venture Partners). Voting for something, anything can release the power of competition, a nonprofit fundraising accelerator.

Everybody likes games except Doug’s daughter (he can beat her at hide-the-phone). So nonprofits should capitalize on that human trait. Think of one that aligns with the mission, market and execute, and the ultimate winner is the worthy cause.

Supporters will forget that they are making a donation by voting and get caught up in the gamification aspect. Funny-faced cop vs. funny-faced fireman to raise money for little league; City Council Lip Sync Challenge for homeless tents, Doggy’s Got Talent for…anything! People will vote for their friends and their favorites too, all generating more money, more fun and less hassle.

The Bot7 Company is set to change the way nonprofits raise money online. Until then, go online and give to the local nonprofits of your choosing and make our region number one in giving on May 3.