Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago today, 3fold opened its doors. Armed only with a business plan scribbled on the back of an Outback Steakhouse napkin and a big dream, the original founders took a leap of faith.

Eight years ago today, I signed the lease on a 200 square foot windowless office space on the second floor of an office building on the corner of 21st and K Streets. My founding partner, Angela, was driving cross-country from Washington DC to Sacramento to officially claim her choice of IKEA desk and get to work.

Eight years ago today, our long-time friend Joe referred us our very first client. They took a chance on 3fold, choosing to believe in us as much as we did. Because of this, we created our very first marketing piece–well, Angela did–pulling over at the first Wi-Fi-friendly place in Wyoming on her way to Sacramento, officially launching the Bobby Jackson Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to funding breast cancer research in memory of the King’s player’s mother.

Eight years ago today, we became small business owners in Sacramento. In Midtown. In eight years, our team has grown, as has our reach. We are forever grateful for what this community has given us. Here’s to the next eight years! And the many more that hopefully follow.

Written by 3foldcomm on May 15, 2012 in Out & About

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