What’s Your Reality Star Leadership Style?

By @ 01/04/10 in Archive, Marketing Trends, Our Culture

It’s a New Year already. How are you going to ensure that your team reaches their 2010 goals? Let’s face the facts — it ALL comes down to leadership, which means it all comes down to YOU. Good leaders are hard to find but I’m thinking leadership styles can be boiled down to distinct role models that we can all relate to based on our (not so secret) reality TV viewing habits.

Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen on the Northwestern – essentially a solo captain in the pilot house. All decision-making is done isolated and alone. You bark out orders to the crew on the dangerous deck below you. You and your team are completely at the mercy of the elements, and your day-to-day basically consists of managing the incredible dips and tremendous highs of the waves shattering all around you.

Cake Boss: Similar to Buddy Valastro, you’re constantly in the middle of the chaos – but you get the job done with your team. You’re the expert and provide overall vision and direction. When the job is done right, you celebrate with your team; if something goes wrong – you jump in and fix it.

Project Runway: You’re the Tim Gunn of leadership, basically swooping in and out with vague encouragement or admonishment to your team while constantly reminding them what’s at stake. Your team has either guessed right, and you’re pleased with the outcome or the outcome isn’t what you were looking for, and the jury will have the final say (in this case – your customers).

The Biggest Loser: You drive your team harshly, similar to Jillian Michaels “in your face” style. Goals are clearly communicated as is the path to accomplish the goals. Your team may hate you in the moment, but when they accomplish their (and your) goals, all is easily forgiven until you move on to the next challenge.