TP Drive

TP Drive for Nonprofits

By @ 06/12/12 in Everything

Recently, I posted on the United Way California Capital Region’s blog about their upcoming Toilet Paper Drive. In the post, I included that nonprofits in our region spend tens-of-thousands of dollars annually on toilet paper – which quite simply: stinks. This simple staple flushes away valuable funding that could be used to expand programs, reach more people and impact more lives.

United Way CCR is collecting donations for their 4th annual Toilet Paper Drive on Thursday, June 14. This event takes place at Cal Expo, but we’re opening our doors here at 3fold as well. If you can’t make it to Cal Expo, feel free to drop off your TP here at our new office (2031 K Street, Suite 100 in Midtown), and we’ll make the trip to Cal Expo at 3pm on Thursday.

There are also other simple ways to get involved! Take a look at the United Way CCR website for more details.