Solving Customer Pain Points

By @ 08/10/12 in Everything, Marketing Trends

Sometimes the best way to standout in an overcrowded marketplace is to surprise your customers–in a good way. One of the most interesting trends in business-to-consumer marketing of late is doing this by identifying your customers’ everyday pain points and offering an easy solution that fits seamlessly into your overall business plan. From lessening the pain in a bad investment day to relieving a bit of worry about leaving your dog outside while shopping, retailers, restaurants and other brands are offering up some fun and functional “pain-point” strategies that give their brands a boost in the minds of their consumers.

A few interesting examples popping up recently:

New York City’s Bull and Bear Steakhouse at the Waldorf-Astoria prices its cocktails according to the day’s stock market results.

Just watching those images of the stock market floor stresses me out, so I can only imagine how much of an emotional roller coaster it would be to live that drama daily. I can imagine quite a number of end-of-day drinking happens amongst the financial industry’s players. When you’re one restaurant amongst thousands, even when you’re one based at the Waldorf, a little bit of whimsey goes a long way–particularly if that whimsey makes the day’s lackluster results a bit less painful. Bull and Bear created a promotion which gives a discount of $1 on cocktails for every 1 percent that the markets declined that day – the worse they performed, the larger the discount. Additionally, the campaign adds a little social cred by requiring patrons to like the Bull and Bear Steakhouse on Facebook or follow the brand on Twitter in order to redeem the discount.

IKEA (one of them) introduces dog parking bays, enabling dogs to be safely left outside while their owners shop.

While far away from the dog-loving streets of Sacramento, an IKEA in the Cologne region of Germany has built special bays where owners can tie up their dogs. Since the store has a no-pets policy, the outside spaces include astroturf-covered platforms and water bowls for the waiting canines. The offers some relief to the worry of dog owners about leaving their pet at home or in hot cars, letting dogs remain comfortable for the duration of their owners’ shopping excursion. It’s a simple idea that could offer tons of appeal for dog-loving locals, while also encouraging a safer option than locked cars on summer days.

Ocra Chevrolet, a Brazil-based dealership, develops Rescue Drive—a new campaign that offers broken down drivers a test drive while their car is towed.

Talk about reaching a potential customers in their most primed state, this Brazilian dealership partnered with a local tow company to help rescue needy motorists while showing them they have other options than the broken down clunker they currently have. Basically, they follow the tow trucks in their rescue cars to the site of drivers whose vehicle had failed then offer a test drive of the Chevrolet Cobalt to wherever they were headed. Free lifts, saved days, primed customers–assuming they stayed “good guy” and not “pushy salesman”, what a fantastically simple strategy with tons of potential.


Across all industries, Sacramento has some of the most creative business people in the country, and some truly inspiring brands. If the above brands could make waves with this clever concepts, I’d love to see what “pain-point” marketing strategies we could come up with in our region.