I’m done with parking. And Jeopardy.

By @ 06/20/12 in Everything, Our Culture

I’ve noticed that complaining about parking is like listening to my 87-year-old mother talk about Jeopardy. Nothing really changes, it’s an overused conversation starter … and I’m over it.

You know what’s a better conversation topic–Sacramento. Last week, instead of driving 20 blocks to an appointment, I decided to hoof it instead — and I’m glad I did. It felt great to get out from behind my desk and enjoy a brisk walk (well it started briskly). Along the way I noticed a few things I never would have focused on while in my car:

  • We live in a beautiful city. The trees are beautiful, the streets are unique and interesting, and it’s clean! I’m sure that there are people that will disagree with that statement – but seriously, I’ve lived in Bolivia. This is better.
  • Our town has a lot of architectural diversity – and it makes our streets interesting. I loved seeing an office building and an old Victorian in the same block as a sleek and modern office building


  • Sacramentans are friendly. As I walked by a senior citizen center, I witnessed what can only be described as a “really old lady” sharing a laugh with a young guy with a skateboard. Just seeing the connection and the shared laugh made me chuckle.
  • Our outdoor eating spaces are beautiful. This attracted me to Sacramento from the my first day here. We really are spoiled by how much of the year we get to be outdoors while enjoying some truly great food.

All that to say, plan a little extra time in your day and walk to your next appointment. Additionally, spend some time thinking about what a wonderful place Sacramento is–to live in and work in. But most of all, enjoy it.

Check out these links to organizations that are doing something about making Sacramento a walkable city:

People Powered Movement 
Walk Sacramento