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Facebook Timeline is Here!

By @ 12/22/11 in Everything, Social Media and Tech


Take a deep breath. Facebook timeline has officially rolled out to all users… and it’s actually quite intriguing. You read that correctly, a Facebook change that is fun, interesting and pretty easy to adapt to. As for businesses, you’ll still have to wait a bit, but we anticipate the new timeline replacing the fan page down the road.

Here are three main points on what to expect as you’re transitioning to your new personal timeline:

  1. Think of your new timeline as a scrapbook. It’s simply a collage of photos and post updates since you first signed on to Facebook. It’s now an easy way to flip through time, and you can even create photos and stories that can be categorized from when you were born. I also love the map feature, pinning the different places you’ve moved, traveled, and checked-in to. It’s basically like having your entire life organized into a fancy timeline.
  2. A seven-day preview. Once you switch over to the timeline, you’ll have seven days to adjust your timeline making it just the way you like. This includes changing basic information, featuring stories, hiding stories, building your map and tweaking privacy settings. And of course creating a “face” for your scrapbook – the cover photo.
  3. Privacy, privacy, privacy. All of the main privacy settings from your old profile will transfer to your timeline. For example, if your privacy is set to only you seeing tagged photos of yourself, or someone cannot check you in to a place, the same will be in effect on your new timeline. You have the ability to change the privacy settings for your entire page. As well, you’ll have the ability to change privacy settings for each story: whether it’s hiding the story from your timeline altogether, making it public, or featuring it (which will make it into a bigger box on your wall). It’s best to browse through old stories and make sure privacy settings are set to your liking.

Keep in mind, functionality of Facebook will be similar: the homepage will be the same, you’ll still be able to post an update from your timeline and comment on your friends’ timelines. This new change is simply a new way to organize your digital life. So jump in, utilize the seven-day preview, check to be sure all of your privacy settings are set, and have fun taking a trip down memory lane.