“Like” your favorite organizations

By @ 11/30/12 in Everything, Social Media and Tech

This is a call to action for supporters of organizations big and small: support your favorite organizations on Facebook! Organizations (for the most part) don’t want to spam you with irrelevant messages; they want to interact with their supporters, keep you updated with information about what they’re up to, causes they support, and how you can get involved. Personally, I “Like” many brand pages. Yes, I see a lot of bad habits coming from organizations’ Facebook Pages… too much posting, not enough posting, boring messages, etc. But, I see even more updates that are great from brands I admire.

The thing is, Facebook consistently makes changes (usually minor tweaks) to its platform – including to Pages used by organizations. Recent changes to their algorithm (which is a formula that populates a user’s News Feed), makes it so that users may not be seeing Facebook Pages’ updates as often. As a user, this frustrates me because I miss valuable information, and as a Facebook Page administrator this challenges me. I work hard to connect organizations with their supporters, and I don’t want them to miss out on opportunities.

Although it won’t entirely fix the situation, here’s how you can help increase visibility of posts from your favorite organizations:

  1. Simply “Like” the page. If you haven’t already “Liked” the organization’s page, please do so!
  2. Hover over the “Like” button (once you’ve “Liked” the page), and click “Add to Interest Lists”. You can easily add an Interest List such as “Favorite Organizations”.
  3. Hover over the “Like” button again, and click “Get Notifications”. This will guarantee you will not miss posts from your favorite organizations. If a Page is not overly posting, this shouldn’t be annoying.

4.  Facebook recently added a “Pages Feed” to your home page. By clicking on this link, you’ll see the Pages’ posts that you have “Liked”.


5.  Interact with the Pages’ posts: “Like”, “Share” and comment.

Here’s to supporting organizations on Facebook! Also, keep an eye out for a followup post which will include a call to action for organizations.