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A small change to Facebook

By @ 07/13/12 in Everything, Social Media and Tech

If you didn’t notice, there was a recent Facebook update. Surprised? Neither were we.

Previously, as a Facebook fan page admin, there was a setting that allowed you to “always comment as the fan page” or, when you opt-out, you had the ability to post as your individual profile. When you opted-out, there were multiple ways to change the way you were using Facebook as the fan page vs. the individual profile. Facebook has now made this easier by moving this option front and center.

To clarify a bit more – there’s no longer an option in the settings to “always comment as the fan page”. When you visit your fan page, you will notice either you’re using Facebook as the fan page or yourself by viewing the new blue bar just above the Admin Panel.  The easiest way to change the “voice” back and forth is to click the link that appears in the new bar that says “change to <your name>” or “change to <fan page>”.


This change may not seem all that important — however, I often see fan pages ‘liking’ and commenting on their own posts when they meant to comment from their personal profile. By paying attention to this small detail, it’s another way to make your audience’s Facebook experience that much better.