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Inspired by our recent team outing to the Sacramento Zoo, the 3fold crew learned that there are several opportunities to make a donation to the zoo by adopting one of their endangered species animals.

In true 3fold fashion we tossed it to the team to decide the old-fashioned way: voting/debating/convincing (bribing) our team mates. The clear winner, and now the official spirit animal of 3fold – the white-handed Gibbon.

Although several 3fold’ers were disappointed to learn adopting our spirit animal did not mean that we could bring him/her back to the office , we’re all excited to have an official office adoptee.

If your or your team would like to support the Sacramento Zoo – adopt your own animal … or take a few hours and visit the Sacramento Zoo. We had a blast – you will too.

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Facebook Goes Small

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To say Facebook is massive would be an understatement. The popular social network site now has over 1.23 billion. That’s roughly 1/7th of the global population. It’s an organization so large that it’s hard to even wrap one’s mind around its size and resources. Today however, at a workshop hosted by the Metro Chamber and Congresswoman Matsui, Facebook got small. Small business small.

As a successful Sacramentan entrepreneur, my boss Gordon Fowler was chosen to introduce the Congresswoman, allowing me front row seats to the event. Thanking the congresswoman for being a champion for small business, Gordon explained the importance of regional economic development. Matsui herself delivered a powerful speech in which she spoke of the Internet as an economic resource, the integrity of which we have to protect

The workshop, lead by Facebook’s Bess Yount, revolved around an established, 5 staged strategy for successful social marketing:

  • Create a page
  • Create engaging content
  • Advertise
  • Target
  • Measure

Although the presentation explained basic Facebook strategies, page management, and available resources, the precision with which businesses can target selected audiences was the most powerful lesson by far. The information shared through the social network allows for unheard of degrees of focus. For small businesses especially, the ability to directly advertise to your most likely customers is invaluable.

The following discussion between Yount, the panel of successful small businesses, and the audience of entrepreneurs was unique. No one was there to argue whether or not small businesses should be on Facebook; that debate was settled long ago. Instead, the discussion focused on practical ways local businesses can achieve maximum potential with the help of social media.

While the time and energy Facebook spent on this workshop will undoubtedly profit the areas small businesses, the event was more of an investment than a donation. As large as Facebook is, there remains a symbiosis between the social media giant and small local businesses. Facebook supplies businesses with an arsenal of cost productive marketing tools, while successful business profiles contribute to Facebook’s advertising revenues, as well as the sites overall utility. Considering the wealth of entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to be found in Sacramento, I’d say it’s a smart investment.

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Good 3fold friend, William Hodges, posted this great article on his blog, Sports-Glutton. Check it out!

Sneak peak:

“I know what you’re thinking. Why should I spend time reading an article about the United Soccer Leagues’ (USL) and its new soccer club the Sacramento Republic FC? I mean, we are talking about a minor league soccer team, so who really cares right? Well, if you believe that (and that’s fine), you’d be missing out on an electrifying story of a soccer club that has caught the national attention of the soccer world, and more importantly, Major League Soccer (MLS) literally overnight.

How so? In its inaugural match versus the Harrisburg City Islanders on April 26, Sacramento Republic filled Hughes Stadium on the campus of Sacramento City College with 20,231 fans, which was a USL regular season record. Keep in mind this was a MINOR league soccer match and in the history of the league only the 2013 USL Championship between Orlando City SC and Charlotte Eagles at the Citrus Bowl that drew 20,886 a larger crowd.”


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From the Mayisbikemonth.com blog: http://mayisbikemonth.com/news.asp#news65

3fold Communications is not a bike advocacy group, but rather a marketing agency that happens to care a great deal about the livability of the local community, which is why 3fold got involved with May is Bike Month. And not just in the traditional employer fashion of encouraging staff to bike to work (although they did that too), but in the innovative, creative, public relations way they know best. After Davis-local Emilie Cameron, joined the ranks of 3fold Communications and pushed on staff to participate in Bike Month, the creative team held a brainstorming session with Midtown Business Association to determine the best way to reach friends, neighbors and clients.

Wanting to both highlight the bike friendliness of Sacramento midtown and support and encourage community members to bike to work, they decided to brand the month Bike-o De Mayo, host a bike event (Glory, Glory, Bike-o De Mayo), transform their Bike Rack into a map of their favorite midtown places for the community to “ride, park & explore”, and create a series of funny “3-Second Bike Tip” videos starring their fearless leader, Gordon Fowler, as the “Elite Urban Cyclist”.

To learn more about the Elite Urban Cyclist we sat down with him and asked a few questions. (Editorial Note: you should really watch the “3-Second Bike Tip” videos to get the full experience of this interview). Thank you, Gordon Fowler and 3fold Communications, for using humor and creativity to encourage more people to get on their bikes.

May is Bike Month:  When did you start riding a bike?
Elite Urban Cyclist:  I started riding a bike approximately 10 minutes before starting to shoot our web-based instructional series titled: “Elite Urban Cyclist” on May 1, 2014.

MIBM:  What does your bike mean to you?
EUC:  Mostly my bike means a lot of sweat.

MIBM:  Where do you go on your bike?  When do you use the car? What function does a bike serve in your life?
EUC:  Mostly I just ride my bike in the 3fold parking lot because the whole turning motion is quite a challenge.  I’ve also made it all the way up one block to Low Brau.  As an elite urban cyclist it’s important I serve as a constant role model for my employees so I mostly choose to circle our building.

MIBM:  What’s the funniest reason you’ve heard about why not to ride a bike?
EUC:  That new riders are intimidated by those of us that are consummate cycling professionals.  If you can be comfortable in a banana seat, know how to ring a bell, and not get distracted by all the streamers on the handlebars then there’s no room for feeling inferior.

MIBM:  If you had the opportunity, in one sentence, what would you say to convince someone to get on a bicycle?
EUC:  Happy Bike-o De Mayo!

MIBM:  Why is Sacramento a great place to ride a bike?
EUC:  I limit myself to a 2-block radius when it comes to walking to places to eat and drink, so I find that Sacramento (especially Midtown) is a great place to ride a bike so that I can get to the many great eateries and drinkaries that are between 3-6 blocks away.

MIBM:  Do you call yourself a cyclist?
EUC:  I’d say I’m more of an elite urban cyclist.

MIBM:  What have you learned from your bike?
EUC:  I’ve learned the handlebars are unforgiving when I’m forced to come to a sudden halt.

MIBM:  What are some groups you are involved with related to your bike riding?
EUC:  3folders make up most of my bike gang but I’m looking forward changing that by getting on the road with the new Sac Brew Bike.

MIBM: Mr. Elite Urban Cyclist, thank you for your time. And for everyone’s sake, we hope to not see you on the road.

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Check out the final video in our 3-Second Bike Tips series, featuring our fearless leader Gordon Fowler, Elite Urban Cyclist. Happy Bike Month!

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While I didn’t know exactly what to expect on my first day working for 3fold, I felt I had a pretty good idea. After all, I’ve seen the first two seasons of Mad Men.

I imagined walking into an imposing high-rise, filled with bustling worker bees. The big boys would have pointlessly large and secluded offices, where they would drink scotch and have existential crises until clients arrived. Then, in a burst of improvised inspiration they would wow the room, sign a deal, and walk out onto their private balcony to celebrate with drinks and cigars. I could not have been more wrong.

Upon entering the 3fold building one immediately picks up on the fun and creative environment at play: framed photos of the Three Amigos, beach cruisers parked in the foyer, and a long board propped against a wall of reclaimed wood. The drink of choice is a local brew, Ruhstaller Ale, definitely not scotch. Though the relaxed and comfortable feel seem to belie 3fold’s reputation of brilliant and performance driven production, it is clear after only a day of interning here that this space is a physical expression of the agency’s creative core, particularly that of its fearless leader: Gordon Fowler.

Far from fulfilling the distant and imposing stereotype of a powerful executive, Gordon is friendly, warm, and helpful. I was given the unique opportunity to shadow him for the day, to see the wild Fowler in his natural habitat if you will. From campaign pitches to marketing presentations, his energetic attitude and expertise suffuses everything he does. He is a patient teacher, who is more than willing to put up with my naiveté, something for which I am deeply appreciative.

What’s that? I’ve got something on my nose? I promise I speak nothing but the truth. It’s Gordon’s positive energy that charges the team of brilliant 3folders; a group of individuals whose collective skills and creativity continue create inspired solutions to today’s marketing opportunities. Interning at 3fold is the chance of a lifetime for me.  They’re known throughout the region and beyond for their experience, knowledge, and skill, and, in the last decade, have established themselves as one of the foremost marketing agencies in the area.

Though I’m still getting my sea legs, I am anxious to learn, work, and create alongside the team here at 3fold Communications. It’s going to be a good summer.


Chris Meyers is a junior at the University of Nevada, Reno, studying information systems and marketing. We’re thrilled to have him on board as our summer public relations intern. We did not force him to say such nice things about us, we promise. 

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Check out the third in our 3-Second Bike Tips video series, featuring our fearless leader Gordon Fowler, Elite Urban Cyclist. Happy Bike Month!

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Check out the second in our 3-Second Bike Tips video series, featuring our fearless leader Gordon Fowler, Elite Urban Cyclist. Happy Bike Month!

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Check out the first in our 3-Second Bike Tips video series, featuring our fearless leader Gordon Fowler, Elite Urban Cyclist. Happy Bike Month!

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In honor of Bike Month, we’re stepping up our bike rack game. We’ve revamped our outside rack so it now doubles as an inspirational bike path, featuring some favorite 3folder spots around Midtown. Ride in and check it out for yourself!

3fold's New Bike Rack