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Can You Fast Pitch?


Telling a concise and compelling story is tough. This is especially true when you have three minutes, a timer in front of you, and $10,000 on the line. This was the scene at Social Venture Partners of Sacramento’s Fast Pitch event last Friday when 10 local nonprofits pitched their organization’s impact, innovation and dreams in hopes of winning a cash prize to augment or expand services.


Is Nationwide’s Bummer of a Super Bowl Ad a Genius PSA?


This past Sunday, Nationwide took a risk with its Super Bowl ad—an unexpected child-safety shocker that had many football fans commenting on it being a big ol’ downer at best, and in bad taste at worst. We won’t be passing judgment on the execution, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we were interested in the fallout and whether it helped make the intended message of preventing avoidable household accidents more powerful. Did the hype help, or was the message lost entirely in the din of criticism on its execution?


3 ways to show your love for your community


As we celebrate what makes our hearts flutter, February is also a great time to consider what gives your business an extra pep in its step. If you guessed paying it forward, you got it!

Most small businesses understand that doing well entrepreneurially and doing good in the community are not mutually exclusive. Community investment benefits your brand and being socially responsible attracts and retains good employees.

But, all too often a common dilemma exists. How can your businesses give back without giving away the farm? The answer is simpler than you might think. Plan ahead! These three simple strategies will help you to get ahead as you kick off your own community investment campaign.


Empty Bowls Wins Gold!


We are so proud to have won a gold Addy this year from the Sacramento Ad Club for last year’s Empty Bowls event for the River City Food Bank. Open the post to check out the winning spot!


3fold screens Next Move's new video


Sometimes, working in marketing can be so rewarding…and emotional.

We’ve been working with a client, Next Move (formerly the Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center), on creating a new video that tells their story and their need in way that connects with more people. Last night, we had the opportunity to host a private screening of the video for the dozen or so kids and parents who volunteered as actors in it and found out their own perceptions on the “homelessness” issue.

Before watching the video, we talked about the mission of Next Move and what they’re doing to help more families get off the streets. We asked our young actors what they thought homelessness looked like, and received the typical answers – “old man,” “people that look sick,” “people sitting on the corner with signs,” and so on. Then we showed them pictures of the actual homeless.

Of course, some of these pictures matched their original answers, but many others were of “regular-looking” parents and children. Along with these, we included statistics of the many kids in our community who are currently experiencing some sort of homeless situation—particularly in the areas surrounding our actors’ own schools and neighborhoods.

Before the video even started, everyone in the room was already in tears. And that was the point. Our client wanted to show people that the face of homelessness is changing, and it could so easily be someone close to you…or even you.

Everyone LOVED the video. Afterwards, they shared sentiments such as, “I just wasn’t expecting that,” and, “I thought by knowing the actors the video wouldn’t be that impactful, but it absolutely was.” But the best feedback to hear was, “I can’t believe this is happening so close to our neighborhood.”

Best of all, because of the screening, our client found new supporters amongst this new audience. We were able to send our the group off with more information about Next Move – including more volunteer opportunities for themselves and their families. We can’t wait to see what else the NextMove video helps the organization achieve.


Work-Life-Community Balance


As a young professional, I hear a lot of talk about the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. Every time I hear this, though, I always feel like an essential third element is missing for a truly balanced life: community. Because as important as networking and continued education are to developing our careers, and quality time spent with friends and family is to building our personal lives, volunteering and philanthropic leadership are vital for shaping the world in which we both work and live.

This is why I was drawn to the United Way’s Emerging Leaders program. Our community has so many wonderful industry-focused organizations and young professional groups dedicated to career advancement and education, but finding one that concentrates on developing the philanthropic capabilities of the next generation of leaders in our community is unique.


Finishing Touch, Inspiring Lives


It is almost crazy to think that you can gain inspiration and hope from a clean car. But we, the crazies at 3fold & Franklin Pictures, were so incredibly dazzled and inspired at the sight of our cars being washed by the Finishing Touch crew on Wednesday – it prompted us to want to share it with you.

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